#9 - Venerating Vinyl

Today I spent my day running around like a chicken with her head cut off through Michaels Crafts and A.C. Moore grabbing supplies for all of the new items that I will be offering in my shop. I grabbed some new pendants and such to begin my jewelry line and a few things that I needed for my handcrafted cards. I also managed to snag some yarn on sale so that I could add some new colors to the inventory for pug hats. This is the first fun and productive day that I've had in awhile. I made a few cards already, and they are for sale in my shop now.

This is the end of my first Beatles week on the blog. It was definitely a lot of fun, but I can't wait to come up with some new themes starting tomorrow. Today I am devoting the last blog to some great vinyl LPs and 45's - both playable and revamped recycled albums.

1. Rock and Roll Music Volume 1

Another classic brought to you by RecordMan09, who was also featured in last night's post. This one features the rockin' hits from the early years and is near mint.

2. Rock and Roll Music Groove Bowl

Listening to the album is lovely, but recycling a damaged item instead of tossing it in the trash is even lovelier. A great gift or decoration, this bowl comes with the original album cover. The Groove Bowl offers hundreds of lovely groove bowls in their online store.

3. All This and World War II LP

Lennon's and McCartney's songs performed by other greats like Rod Stewart and Tina Turner- who knew? They won't do it better than the Fab Four, but they certainly can contribute to one hell of a cover album that Vintage Vampe is selling in her shop.

4. Hey Jude 45RPM Clock

I've seen hundreds of groove bowls, but very few lovely little clocks that recycle records. Everyone loves "Hey Jude", so make time timeless with this piece from Retro Record Art.

5. Rubber Soul LP

This is one of my favorite albums. I adore "I've Just Seen a Face" and you will, too! Especially at the incredibly low price that Mi Book Casa is offering it for.

6. Hey Jude Notebook

A lovely way to keep your thoughts and doodles collected available from Green Vinyl Industries.

7. Album Cover Purse

Rock N' Recycle turns old media into new lovely items, and this purse is one of my favorites. The old album cover is laminated for protection and turned into a tote to show off your music taste and store all of your daily essentials.

8. Vinyl Purse

After I saw the album cover purse above, I found another shop that turned The Beatles '65 LP into a handbag and knew I had to post it as a companion. Whether you carry around a cover or a hunk of vinyl itself, you'll help to save a little piece of music history and be sure to have the most interesting handbag in the room. Who needs Dolci and Gabana when you've got a vinyl classic from Retrograndma?

There are hundreds of fantastic upcycled Beatles LPs and 45s offered on etsy, so go do a little searching and exploring for yourself. You may be surprised what you find!

x's and o's.


#8- Yesterday to Today

A new book and media store has opened locally and offers incredibly low prices on their items. Books are around $1.29-$3.99, both used and new, including some new releases. I believe the place is called The Used Book Superstore, or something along those lines. It is located on route 28 in Salem, NH where Furniture World used to be. There are also locations in Burlington, MA and Nashua, NH. Jer works at the Salem location, where the store had its grand opening yesterday morning. Last night I went and crate dove for about an hour. The vinyl LPs are only $3 no matter what condition the albums are in - whether they are near mint or ready to be recycled and transformed. I successfully managed to rescue every Beatles album that they had as well as an Eric Clapton and The Doors (score!). I had several more that I wanted, but my wallet was already going to suffer enough with the amount of LPs that I had in my cart. It was definitely a thrill. Vinyl lovers and book worms in the New England area need to check this place out. I have just one cautionary note: you WILL lose track of time. Ten minutes turns into two hours very quickly while browsing, so make sure your day is free!
I also hit some craft stores today and yesterday to get some supplies for new dog hats. I am also now working on a line of jewelry. It's going to be a mix of victorian and retro styles, which don't appear to go together, but they will when I get started. I'll post when I get the line up and running.
On another note, there are only two days left to my first Beatles celebration week. Today I am focusing on vintage Beatles items only. I love hand made and new inspirations, but these items are classic originals that will never truly get old.

1. Meet the Beatles

This is where it all began. Meet the Beatles is their first album to be released on Capitol Records. It has all the old goodies that launched them into superstardom including "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "I Saw Her Standing There". This LP will make you dance. I know it gets me on my feet. There are several copies available on eBay and the prices start around $10 for one that isn't in the best condition. Also, if you live in New England, The Record Exchange in Salem, MA has a few copies. This copy is available on etsy from Rarelooms.

2. Vintage Calendar from 1987

I usually keep old calendars and recycle the images for collages, wall art, decoupaging, and other thrifty things. This item from Retro Realm is great for collectors as well as artists looking for some classic images.

3. The True Story of The Beatles

I have shelves of Beatles books in my room, but I have yet to add this one to the collection. Days Gone By has a shop full of vintage Beatles items that include original books, magazines, and albums. I am a fan of this lovely shop that also has the following items available:

4. 80's Yellow Submarine Baseball Tee

Seeing as it is my size, I think I may need to add this to my collection of Beatlemania attire. There is nothing more simple and classic on a lazy day than a baseball t-shirt that shows off your favorite band. The Pink Chicken Trading Co. offers this comfy item.

5. John Lennon Memorial Pin

This pin from Treyone Collectibles was released in memorial of this peace-promoting artist and inspirational figure after he was murdered in 1980. A lovely commemorative piece for fans to wear and remember John.

6. 60's Sheet Music

This book contains twelve songs of the sixties, including The Beatles' "Yesterday". Perry Como and Sammy Davis Jr. are among the others whose music is contained in this booklet. It is available from Vanesseva Designs.

7. Help! on VHS

Gotta love those Beatles films. Kick it old school and warm up that VCR to play this fabulous VHS from Recordman09.

8. Beatles Flicker Rings

These remind me of the funky rings I'd get in a cracker jack box or in a gadget machine for $0.25 as a kid. These cool collectibles are wonderful rarities being offered for sale by Great Old Stuff, whose shop name in itself explains exactly what sort of items are available. Great Old Stuff also has the below items available:

Please make sure to visit these shops, check out their items, and let me know what goodies you find! If you have an item, shop, or theme that you'd like to see in this blog or share with me, drop a message in my comments or send an e-mail to jj-lynne@hotmail.com.

x's and o's


#7 - Ringo: Everyone's Favorite Starr

This is day five of my first Beatles kick and there are so many wonderful items to blog about that I can hardly choose what to focus on. Today I decided to base my post on that lovable drummer, Ringo Starr. Paul and John are nearly always noted as the two 'favorite' Beatles, but who can resist the head bobbing mop-top of a drummer with a famous schnozz? A bundle of talent and personality, Ringo certainly deserves to have the spotlight for once.

1. Cartoon Badges

The vintage Beatles cartoons always make me smile, especially when the very distinguished features of the members are exaggerated. Oh that nose! Visit Button World for your badge needs.

2. Ringo Print

500 Days of Summer fans will remember a similar print of Ringo framed in Summer's apartment. Adopt a bit of Summer style and show your Ringo love with this digital illustration by Autumn and Eve Illustration.

3. Ringo Tote

Ringo gets by with a little help from his friends, now you can carry on with a bit of help from Ringo. I have more totes than necessary, but I will never have enough. This bag from Broke College Kid (whose shop name I can relate to) is one to add to the collection.

4. Ringo Brooch

The fascination with brooches continues. I need not continue gushing about my love for these little accessories or my love for Mr. Starr, so fall in love yourself over at Wearwolf.

5. Ringo Coasters

As a collector of vinyl, I hate to see abused, old vinyl end up in the trash. It is refreshing to see people making an effort to rescue beat up old albums in order to turn them into a new innovation. Rock Coasters makes coasters from real 45 RPM vinyl albums that are no longer in their prime. Protect your furniture, recycle vinyl, and show off your music taste with the variety of coasters in this shop. (There are quite a few Ringo coasters available, so snag a few and collect a set for yourself!)

6. Ringo Pendant

You can never go wrong with pop art or simple pendants. The Lennon's Lovelies line by All You Need Is Loveliness speaks for itself.

7. Moustachiopus Painted Vinyl

It wasn't often that Ringo wrote lyrics and sang lead vocals during his time with The Beatles, but Octopus' Garden is a guilty pleasure for anyone who has had the pleasure of being exposed to it. This beautiful painted 45 RPM record is an incredibly inspired piece that revolves around everyone's favorite drummer and one of his most famous tunes. This piece is offered at Tiger Bee Gifts.

8. Ringo Canary

I had to end the night with this one, since it made me smile the most. Ringo's famous beak takes on a whole new meaning in this little fellow. He was too cute not to include! The Felted Menagerie will immediately suck you in and overwhelm you with adorableness :]


#6 Sunshine and Rain

The Beatles Tribute Band - Rain was FANTASTIC. Even though the crowd was a bit dead last night (which I have no idea why, since it was almost like seeing The Beatles themselves), I could not have asked for a better concert. The band members looked almost exactly like The Fab Four from where I was seated and their covers were quite identical to the original songs. Since I am too young to ever have seen my favorite musicians play a show together before two of them passed away, I was glad to have the opportunity to at least have an experience that felt like it were real.
The band members have their roles perfected- sounding, playing, and even taking on the mannerisms of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The man who acts as Paul plays his guitar left-handed as McCartney does and the drummer has Ringo's classic head-bobbing perfected. Rain has video screens that play throughout the show containing historical clips from the 60's and 70's and also playing videos of Rain recreating Beatles moments and photos. I found the whole thing to be very exciting. I was simply in awe.
They played all of the big hits that one would expect, but the one that surprised and pleased me most was "Blackbird". I didn't think they'd play it, but when "Paul" sat down alone with his acoustic and played it, I got chills up my arms and thought I'd cry. It was definitely the highlight of the show for me. It was very intense. "My Guitar Gently Weeps" was fantastic, too. You could feel the guitar riffs coursing through your entire body. And I certainly couldn't help dancing to "Twist & Shout" and "Revolution".
I could go on for hours about the details, but nothing could compare to the experience itself. If you're interested in heading to a show, you can find dates and info. on this world-renowned tribute band on Rain's website.
Today I am doing a double post to make up for missing one yesterday. The items I've chosen today are inspired by sun and rain. Sun, because up with "Blackbird", another of my top favorite Beatles songs is "I'll Follow the Sun" (other goodies with 'sun' in the title are "Good Day Sunshine", "Sun King", and "Here Comes the Sun"... who doesn't love them all?). The second part of the post is obviously derived from The Beatle's song and the name of the cover band- "Rain". Enjoy!


1. Good Day Sunshine Belt Bag

The sunny colors on this bag make it a wonderful accessory. It would make a great beach bag or a wonderful purse for everyday use. Find it at The Pursery.

2. Miss Muffet Sun Dress

Every woman needs at least one airy, beautiful sundress. This fits the bill and can be worn alone for a simple daytime look or accessorized to make it wearable at events as a party dress. This is one of many lovely items at The Church of Vintage.

3. Sun Vase

I usually have flowers in my room. Whether artificial or fresh and living, they add a little something extra and refreshing to a room. These vases are beautiful to house those pretty flowers. Head over to Barb's Pottery for this and an entire line of sunny pottery.

4. Lennon Quote Wall Decal

The Beatles have written some of the most beautiful lyrics in music history. Lennon was not only a songwriter, but a poet, artist, and profound thinker. This quote is beautiful and has been turned into an inspirational piece of wall decor that motivates and brings a smile to each new day. Letter Express It has over 100 vinyl decals to choose from, so be sure to go and browse!

5. Silver Sun Ring

I can never get my hands into enough rings. I don't wear much jewelry, but my hands feel too naked when unadorned. I'd love to add this piece to the jewelry box! Find it at Susan's Jewelry Designs.

6. Vintage Hippie-Chic Sunglasses

Nothing says Beatles and Sunshine like a pair of big, psychedelic sunglasses. Big sunglasses are a favorite of mine, and these Italian specs with floral decals bring me back to decades that I was not alive to see. These sexy shades are available at Groovin Tuesday.


1. Rainy Day Necklace

Little glass raindrops and tiny umbrellas are great gifts to women from their lucky fellas. Keep that in mind for Valentine's day if you need a gift for someone sweet! Available from So It's Gray.

2. Gray Cloud Brooch

As I've said in previous posts, I love brooches because they can take a boring outfit to a whole new level. You'll be sure to get lots of compliments and "awwww" remarks wearing this little guy. The item is by hannahdoodle who also offer peanut butter and jelly sandwich brooches and apple brooches. This shop is filled with sweet treats to feed your fashion cravings.

3. Vintage Umbrella

In a sea of black and white umbrellas, go from shabby to chic with this vintage, purple piece. Visit The Vintage Tree House to take a peak.

4. Hood for Puppy Rain Coat

I can tell you from experience that many dogs do not like to get wet. James Dean hates the rain and runs inside as soon as he's finished his business when it is wet outdoors. The hoods and coats offered by Recycling Zychal are adorable and will keep pups from getting drenched on those drizzly days.

5. Red Umbrella 8x10 Print

This piece by K. G. Brownlee is quite lovely. The simple background colors allow one's eyes to focus directly on the reds of the boots and umbrella. I can't put my finger on exactly why this print is so striking to me, but it is easy to see how one could quickly fall in love with Brownlee's work. Visit A Cagey Bee to purchase this piece and others.

6. Singing in the Rain Journal

"What a glorious feeling" when one finds such a fantastic novelty. As someone who enjoys classic films and also partakes in writing as a hobby, this journal is certainly something to smile about. Sonya's shop has many beautiful journals that are vintage-inspired and make unique gifts for the writers in your life.

7. Dusty Rose Trench

I like a look that is classy and elegant while being effortless. This pretty pink hooded trench makes life simple in chilly, rainy weather. Throw it on over anything with a pair of black heels and instantly look a little brighter in the gray weather. HollyLujah Thrift is definitely worth a look!

Rain rain, don't go away; I don't mind if you stay. Please just leave a little time to leak some rays of sunshine.

x's and o's.


#5- Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

It is now later than 10:00 and this is my first opportunity to sit and do something for myself. I am definitely not going to take the six classes I signed up for, so I'll be dropping my Postmodern Art class tomorrow. That's a weight lifted.

At this time tomorrow I will be singing and dancing the night away to The Beatles Tribute Band- Rain. So I am continuing on my Beatles kick that I started yesterday.

It is impossible for me to choose a favorite Beatles song. I usually have to name at least three, but "Blackbird" always manages to make me smile. If I ever get a tattoo, I plan on getting a small blackbird on my ankle. It's hard to pinpoint why this particular song means so much to me. I think it may be the idea that even something imperfect can come to do great things and that a single moment can make an entire lifetime of drudgery worthwhile. The items that I chose to highlight today are things that revolve around the image of a blackbird and took time to become the wonderful things that they are today.

1. Fine Art Photo

Le Merle et Le Rosier by Mark Loret is a beautiful 6x6 photograph. The colors are simple and the image is crisp - perfect for any empty wall.

2. Interview Zine

The zine from The La-La Theory is one for the women. I am a bit of a feminist, considering taking on women's studies as my college minor. This zine contains a series of interviews conducted with women who are unmarried and don't plan on marrying. Mothers of Jane Austen's era would be appalled by such literature, but in the modern world where nearly anything is possible, women deserve to explore every open option- including living a single, free life. Like a bird, a woman can be caged by certain obligations or free to roam living by her own standards. This ought to be a highly interesting read.

3. Blackbird Silhouette Necklace

A wonderfully simple statement piece that is wearable with nearly any attire. There isn't much more to say. The loveliness speaks for itself. Visit LuLu Bug Jewelry to take a peak.

4. The Overseers

Mad Art offers this gorgeous limited edition print to only 29 lucky people. The red accents among the dark monochromatic images make this piece stand out in a way that is subtle and distinct.

5. Sparrow and Cage Necklace

Retroskor's whimsical shop offers beautiful pieces at great prices. This necklace reminds me not only of The Beatles, but of Kate Chopin's The Awakening. A caged bird can be set free, and with this accessory you can watch it fly.

I probably won't post tomorrow, seeing as I will go from class to dinner and the show, so double post on Thursday :]

x's and o's


#4- Strawberry Fields Forever

People who know me, whether they've known me all my life or for a month, would probably tell you two things if you asked them about me:

1. I am a photographer. &
2. My life revolves around The Beatles

The week I am attending a tribute concert to a Beatles cover band called "Rain" who will be performing at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday. I haven't been this excited about something in awhile. That is fairly nerdy, but oh well... what can I say? I just love that Fab Four.

I will likely write a great many blogs about those wonderful Brits, but this week especially I think should be devoted to them in order to amp me up for the show.

I've had "Strawberry Fields Forever" stuck in my head since it blared from my car stereo at approximately 3:30 when I was stuck driving on the highway in a nasty, rainy storm. It's amazing how soothing a familiar song can be when one is trying to squint through the blinding rain and navigate on a heavily trafficked highway that is full of terrible drivers.

So since that song has stuck, it is fitting to base today's findings on the sweetest strawberry items that I can feast my eyes upon.

1. - Whipped Clean Body Cleanser in Strawberry

I almost want to dip a spoon in and eat this as much as I want to hop in the shower with it. The Gudonya Too Shop has an amazing shop full of these tasty smelling body confections to clean the body and appease the senses. I need to get my hands on some of this soon!

2. Strawberry Fields Dog Collar

Pet owners love to pamper their pooches, and this collar is wonderful to help that fashionable pup stand out in a crowd. If James Dean were a girl, this would definitely be his look. Visit RitaVille for adorable leashes and collars, including some designs in time for Valentine's day.

3. Strawberry Field Bow Skirt

I am a fan of rockabilly fashion. This fabulous skirt will make any confident girl stand out in a crowd. Among the crowds of people in drab black and white wardrobes, this piece is sure to catch the eyes of all. The Ananya Boutique is full of flirty, girly designs to fulfill your wardrobe's sweetest cravings.

4. Vintage Photo

As a young, contemporary photographer I have come to admire and collect vintage photographs. I may not know the people in them or what their stories are, but my active imagination always manages to create lives for these strangers. It is clear that this woman is a hard worker who enjoys what she does and is imploring other strong females to get out there and explore. Grab vintage photos and cards over at Clancy's Classics.

5. Coffee Corset Cozy

I am not a coffee drinker, but I will admit that I imbibe a considerable amount of organic hot chocolate from Whole Foods. It's very good if you haven't tried it, by the way. Anyways, this corset is the cutest cozy that I have ever seen. Jenn Gee's Shop is filled with fabulous cozies to keep your hands safe from heat and are also the eco-friendly choice over those flimsy cardboard disposables.

6. Strawberry Fields Necklace

When I'm feeling particularly classy, I usually go simple in black and white and add a statement piece that adds a little something to an outfit. This necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry to add a bit of color to a classic look. Visit the Ella Belle Boutique for a lovely selection of stylish accessories.

7. Strawberry Fields Polaroid

I love the look of polaroids. Even when I take photos digitally I process and edit them so that they will have the look of polaroid photographs. This print by Amalia Sieber caught my eye and can be found in her shop.

8. Strawberry Fields Button Earrings

When I was a freshman in high school I made the mistake of gauging my ears because I believed that they would shrink back. They never did shrink back completely, so I can't wear anything but large button earrings, but that's fine by me. who doesn't love them? Especially these cuties by Bella Jean.

9. Paul McCartney Gift Set

As a Beatles fan, this is one gift set that would make me beam if I received it as a gift. The McCartney box is packed with "Strawberry Fields Forever" body spray, a floral body lotion named after "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and root beer flavored "Rock Star Groupie" lip balm. Rock 'N Roll Rebellion makes great gift sets for music lovers. Think of that when you need a gift for your sweetie on Valentine's day.

Well, classes started today and I have to roll out of bed around 6:00 a.m. tomorrow to get dressed and make the commute to Lowell for my first class: Italian, level 2. That is far too early in the morning to wrap my mind around a foreign language.

A domani.

x's and o's.