#2 - A Literary Love Affair

I have two days left of freedom. Just two short days until another semester begins and I am tied down by the time and homework of six classes. There is one that I am particularly looking forward to that may assuage the pain caused by the less than appealing classes that I have to take. The class that promises to be a pleasure trip is on class on women's literature that will be filled with the likes of Jane Austen, Kate Chopin, and Alice Sebold.
I am obsessed with Jane Austen. I read Pride and Prejudice for my AP Literature class in my last year of high school, and that's where I fell in love. Now I can't get enough of Jane. I was going to curate items today that focused on several female literary masterminds, but I found so many Austen-inspired items that today must simply be Jane.

#1- Darcy Proposal Mug

I have been admiring this mug for months now. I adore nearly every item in Brookish's shop. The lovely handwritten words that are used to adorn mugs, dish towels, and even Darcy proposal t-shirts would make any Austen fan's heart flutter. If you even have a tiny bit of devotion to Jane, this shop is a must-visit.

#2- The Jane Headband

This headband will make any girl feel a little more beautiful and feminine. The subtle colors and simple elegance of this headpiece are sure to please the eye. Find it in Dainty Deity's shop.

#3- Jane Inspired Cameo Ring

A simple cameo is a fantastic way to add a bit of color and flare to a basic outfit. Wear this with a chic black and white ensemble, and the cameo will be sure to pop out and add a hint of eye-catching color to the outfit. Aside from that, you will surely smile and think of Darcy and Elizabeth or Fanny and Edmund every time you take a gander at your hand. Visit the Jewelry Map for this and other lovely accessories.

#4- Jane Pawsten Print

Chet is an amazing artist whose Literary Pet portraits have captivated me long ago. I bought a set of the Literary Pet trading cards, and they always make me smile. Be sure to check out his shop for this feline version of Jane as well as portraits of other famous animal authors like Edgar Allen Pug and Louisa May Allcat.

#5- Jane Pendant

What better way to honor Jane than to wear a portrait of her close to your heart all day long? The tartx shop has a large selection of jewelry, prints, and other novelty items that portray famous figures.

There is so much Jane and so little time...

x's and o's

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Dainty Deity said...

Lovely collection of Jane items. Thank you for listing my headband ;)