#4- Strawberry Fields Forever

People who know me, whether they've known me all my life or for a month, would probably tell you two things if you asked them about me:

1. I am a photographer. &
2. My life revolves around The Beatles

The week I am attending a tribute concert to a Beatles cover band called "Rain" who will be performing at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday. I haven't been this excited about something in awhile. That is fairly nerdy, but oh well... what can I say? I just love that Fab Four.

I will likely write a great many blogs about those wonderful Brits, but this week especially I think should be devoted to them in order to amp me up for the show.

I've had "Strawberry Fields Forever" stuck in my head since it blared from my car stereo at approximately 3:30 when I was stuck driving on the highway in a nasty, rainy storm. It's amazing how soothing a familiar song can be when one is trying to squint through the blinding rain and navigate on a heavily trafficked highway that is full of terrible drivers.

So since that song has stuck, it is fitting to base today's findings on the sweetest strawberry items that I can feast my eyes upon.

1. - Whipped Clean Body Cleanser in Strawberry

I almost want to dip a spoon in and eat this as much as I want to hop in the shower with it. The Gudonya Too Shop has an amazing shop full of these tasty smelling body confections to clean the body and appease the senses. I need to get my hands on some of this soon!

2. Strawberry Fields Dog Collar

Pet owners love to pamper their pooches, and this collar is wonderful to help that fashionable pup stand out in a crowd. If James Dean were a girl, this would definitely be his look. Visit RitaVille for adorable leashes and collars, including some designs in time for Valentine's day.

3. Strawberry Field Bow Skirt

I am a fan of rockabilly fashion. This fabulous skirt will make any confident girl stand out in a crowd. Among the crowds of people in drab black and white wardrobes, this piece is sure to catch the eyes of all. The Ananya Boutique is full of flirty, girly designs to fulfill your wardrobe's sweetest cravings.

4. Vintage Photo

As a young, contemporary photographer I have come to admire and collect vintage photographs. I may not know the people in them or what their stories are, but my active imagination always manages to create lives for these strangers. It is clear that this woman is a hard worker who enjoys what she does and is imploring other strong females to get out there and explore. Grab vintage photos and cards over at Clancy's Classics.

5. Coffee Corset Cozy

I am not a coffee drinker, but I will admit that I imbibe a considerable amount of organic hot chocolate from Whole Foods. It's very good if you haven't tried it, by the way. Anyways, this corset is the cutest cozy that I have ever seen. Jenn Gee's Shop is filled with fabulous cozies to keep your hands safe from heat and are also the eco-friendly choice over those flimsy cardboard disposables.

6. Strawberry Fields Necklace

When I'm feeling particularly classy, I usually go simple in black and white and add a statement piece that adds a little something to an outfit. This necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry to add a bit of color to a classic look. Visit the Ella Belle Boutique for a lovely selection of stylish accessories.

7. Strawberry Fields Polaroid

I love the look of polaroids. Even when I take photos digitally I process and edit them so that they will have the look of polaroid photographs. This print by Amalia Sieber caught my eye and can be found in her shop.

8. Strawberry Fields Button Earrings

When I was a freshman in high school I made the mistake of gauging my ears because I believed that they would shrink back. They never did shrink back completely, so I can't wear anything but large button earrings, but that's fine by me. who doesn't love them? Especially these cuties by Bella Jean.

9. Paul McCartney Gift Set

As a Beatles fan, this is one gift set that would make me beam if I received it as a gift. The McCartney box is packed with "Strawberry Fields Forever" body spray, a floral body lotion named after "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and root beer flavored "Rock Star Groupie" lip balm. Rock 'N Roll Rebellion makes great gift sets for music lovers. Think of that when you need a gift for your sweetie on Valentine's day.

Well, classes started today and I have to roll out of bed around 6:00 a.m. tomorrow to get dressed and make the commute to Lowell for my first class: Italian, level 2. That is far too early in the morning to wrap my mind around a foreign language.

A domani.

x's and o's.


maclancy said...

this is the most refreshing blog! thanks for including my lady picking strawberries vintage photo. I am like you always dreaming up stories that go with these vintage photos.. its a bad addiction that keeps me entertained.

Ananya said...

Lovely collections. Thank you so much for including my skirt. : )