#5- Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

It is now later than 10:00 and this is my first opportunity to sit and do something for myself. I am definitely not going to take the six classes I signed up for, so I'll be dropping my Postmodern Art class tomorrow. That's a weight lifted.

At this time tomorrow I will be singing and dancing the night away to The Beatles Tribute Band- Rain. So I am continuing on my Beatles kick that I started yesterday.

It is impossible for me to choose a favorite Beatles song. I usually have to name at least three, but "Blackbird" always manages to make me smile. If I ever get a tattoo, I plan on getting a small blackbird on my ankle. It's hard to pinpoint why this particular song means so much to me. I think it may be the idea that even something imperfect can come to do great things and that a single moment can make an entire lifetime of drudgery worthwhile. The items that I chose to highlight today are things that revolve around the image of a blackbird and took time to become the wonderful things that they are today.

1. Fine Art Photo

Le Merle et Le Rosier by Mark Loret is a beautiful 6x6 photograph. The colors are simple and the image is crisp - perfect for any empty wall.

2. Interview Zine

The zine from The La-La Theory is one for the women. I am a bit of a feminist, considering taking on women's studies as my college minor. This zine contains a series of interviews conducted with women who are unmarried and don't plan on marrying. Mothers of Jane Austen's era would be appalled by such literature, but in the modern world where nearly anything is possible, women deserve to explore every open option- including living a single, free life. Like a bird, a woman can be caged by certain obligations or free to roam living by her own standards. This ought to be a highly interesting read.

3. Blackbird Silhouette Necklace

A wonderfully simple statement piece that is wearable with nearly any attire. There isn't much more to say. The loveliness speaks for itself. Visit LuLu Bug Jewelry to take a peak.

4. The Overseers

Mad Art offers this gorgeous limited edition print to only 29 lucky people. The red accents among the dark monochromatic images make this piece stand out in a way that is subtle and distinct.

5. Sparrow and Cage Necklace

Retroskor's whimsical shop offers beautiful pieces at great prices. This necklace reminds me not only of The Beatles, but of Kate Chopin's The Awakening. A caged bird can be set free, and with this accessory you can watch it fly.

I probably won't post tomorrow, seeing as I will go from class to dinner and the show, so double post on Thursday :]

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