#7 - Ringo: Everyone's Favorite Starr

This is day five of my first Beatles kick and there are so many wonderful items to blog about that I can hardly choose what to focus on. Today I decided to base my post on that lovable drummer, Ringo Starr. Paul and John are nearly always noted as the two 'favorite' Beatles, but who can resist the head bobbing mop-top of a drummer with a famous schnozz? A bundle of talent and personality, Ringo certainly deserves to have the spotlight for once.

1. Cartoon Badges

The vintage Beatles cartoons always make me smile, especially when the very distinguished features of the members are exaggerated. Oh that nose! Visit Button World for your badge needs.

2. Ringo Print

500 Days of Summer fans will remember a similar print of Ringo framed in Summer's apartment. Adopt a bit of Summer style and show your Ringo love with this digital illustration by Autumn and Eve Illustration.

3. Ringo Tote

Ringo gets by with a little help from his friends, now you can carry on with a bit of help from Ringo. I have more totes than necessary, but I will never have enough. This bag from Broke College Kid (whose shop name I can relate to) is one to add to the collection.

4. Ringo Brooch

The fascination with brooches continues. I need not continue gushing about my love for these little accessories or my love for Mr. Starr, so fall in love yourself over at Wearwolf.

5. Ringo Coasters

As a collector of vinyl, I hate to see abused, old vinyl end up in the trash. It is refreshing to see people making an effort to rescue beat up old albums in order to turn them into a new innovation. Rock Coasters makes coasters from real 45 RPM vinyl albums that are no longer in their prime. Protect your furniture, recycle vinyl, and show off your music taste with the variety of coasters in this shop. (There are quite a few Ringo coasters available, so snag a few and collect a set for yourself!)

6. Ringo Pendant

You can never go wrong with pop art or simple pendants. The Lennon's Lovelies line by All You Need Is Loveliness speaks for itself.

7. Moustachiopus Painted Vinyl

It wasn't often that Ringo wrote lyrics and sang lead vocals during his time with The Beatles, but Octopus' Garden is a guilty pleasure for anyone who has had the pleasure of being exposed to it. This beautiful painted 45 RPM record is an incredibly inspired piece that revolves around everyone's favorite drummer and one of his most famous tunes. This piece is offered at Tiger Bee Gifts.

8. Ringo Canary

I had to end the night with this one, since it made me smile the most. Ringo's famous beak takes on a whole new meaning in this little fellow. He was too cute not to include! The Felted Menagerie will immediately suck you in and overwhelm you with adorableness :]

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Melanie Ann Green said...

what a fab article! Thankyou for including my Ringo tweet... he is start struck to be so close to his hero!