#9 - Venerating Vinyl

Today I spent my day running around like a chicken with her head cut off through Michaels Crafts and A.C. Moore grabbing supplies for all of the new items that I will be offering in my shop. I grabbed some new pendants and such to begin my jewelry line and a few things that I needed for my handcrafted cards. I also managed to snag some yarn on sale so that I could add some new colors to the inventory for pug hats. This is the first fun and productive day that I've had in awhile. I made a few cards already, and they are for sale in my shop now.

This is the end of my first Beatles week on the blog. It was definitely a lot of fun, but I can't wait to come up with some new themes starting tomorrow. Today I am devoting the last blog to some great vinyl LPs and 45's - both playable and revamped recycled albums.

1. Rock and Roll Music Volume 1

Another classic brought to you by RecordMan09, who was also featured in last night's post. This one features the rockin' hits from the early years and is near mint.

2. Rock and Roll Music Groove Bowl

Listening to the album is lovely, but recycling a damaged item instead of tossing it in the trash is even lovelier. A great gift or decoration, this bowl comes with the original album cover. The Groove Bowl offers hundreds of lovely groove bowls in their online store.

3. All This and World War II LP

Lennon's and McCartney's songs performed by other greats like Rod Stewart and Tina Turner- who knew? They won't do it better than the Fab Four, but they certainly can contribute to one hell of a cover album that Vintage Vampe is selling in her shop.

4. Hey Jude 45RPM Clock

I've seen hundreds of groove bowls, but very few lovely little clocks that recycle records. Everyone loves "Hey Jude", so make time timeless with this piece from Retro Record Art.

5. Rubber Soul LP

This is one of my favorite albums. I adore "I've Just Seen a Face" and you will, too! Especially at the incredibly low price that Mi Book Casa is offering it for.

6. Hey Jude Notebook

A lovely way to keep your thoughts and doodles collected available from Green Vinyl Industries.

7. Album Cover Purse

Rock N' Recycle turns old media into new lovely items, and this purse is one of my favorites. The old album cover is laminated for protection and turned into a tote to show off your music taste and store all of your daily essentials.

8. Vinyl Purse

After I saw the album cover purse above, I found another shop that turned The Beatles '65 LP into a handbag and knew I had to post it as a companion. Whether you carry around a cover or a hunk of vinyl itself, you'll help to save a little piece of music history and be sure to have the most interesting handbag in the room. Who needs Dolci and Gabana when you've got a vinyl classic from Retrograndma?

There are hundreds of fantastic upcycled Beatles LPs and 45s offered on etsy, so go do a little searching and exploring for yourself. You may be surprised what you find!

x's and o's.

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Hank said...

Oh, gawd, honey. My mom is over hear just about tuh have a orgasim.

She had one o' them record purses - 'til she transported a pitbull mix an' it chewed it up!