#10 - The Greatness of Geekery

After a long day sitting through class after class, this blog is somehow comforting. Today I've decided to have a little fun and do a blog inspired by my boyfriend, Jeremy. He skims the blog from time to time, but unfortunately I rarely post about anything of interest to him. If he decides to take a peak today, maybe he'll be pleasantly surprised to find something that amuses him for once. This should also provide a great resource for other girls out there who may be trying to figure out something unique to get a boyfriend for Valentine's Day. So, without further ado...

1. Pinup Mousepad

Truth be told, I wouldn't even mind having this on my desk. I have always loved vintage pin-ups. Vintage Lucy's knows that Victoria's Secret has nothing on the classic beauties of the 40's and 50's. Head over to her shop and take a sneaky peak.

2. Keyboard Keys Pillows

Gaming guys and computer nerds will adore these decorative pillows. These geek-chic items will add some flare to any modern apartment, either in the bed room or on the living room couch. Visit Diffraction Fiber for pillows, cozies, accessories, and other unique items.

3. Heart Attack Tie

Dressy occasions can be a real drag for a casual guy, but if he can add something a little bit obscure to maintain a sense of mysterious coolness, then he will surely survive. Have a little heart with the Heart Attack tie from the Cyberoptix Tie Lab.

4. Fight Club Soap

Fight Club is an amazingly testosterone charged movie about the joys of beating the crap out of one another. It's all about the adrenaline rush, and smooth-talking Tyler Durden keeps his body squeaky clean after a good fight with his brand of soaps. Luxury Lane Soap decided to upscale Durden's formula by removing human fat and harmful chemicals in order to create luxurious Fight Club soaps in sinful scents. Click on the above photo to check out Warm Vanilla Sugar soap, or visit the shop to find your scent. (Extra bonus: The soaps are vegan!)

5. Make Out City Note Cards

Now that's a valentine! Guys love nothing more than a makeout session with their favorite gals, so give your guy a "subtle" reminder that he is the only one you want to make out with. Thanks to Near Modern Disaster, you can leave a little note that he'll be sure to remember.

6. Camera Diagram Screen Printed Poster

Guys' places should not look overdecorated, but they shouldn't be plain and boring either. This modern graphic print has just enough color to make it stand out and become the conversation piece that you can work around a room full of plain black and white furniture. Dela Flamant offers many screen printed designs for your viewing and decorating pleasure.

7. Computer Hard Drive Clock

This is the ultimate piece of awesome geekery. Techies would be proud to tell time via this revamped hard drive. There are many interesting versions of this clock at Teco Art.

8. Circuit Board Tee

Bright neon colored shirts are in style at the moment. Everyone wants to stand out in a crowd and keep from blending in. The best way to do this is to wear a bright lime green shirt that contains a huge circuit board model, and thankfully, Nonfiction Tees makes this possible.

9. Leather iPhone Case

Music lovers will appreciate this item from Beautiful Skin. Protect your assets with these wonderful leather cases. The cases are the perfect size for iPhones and iTouches. A lot of money goes into the electronics that house music, so be kind and give the house a home in this cassette cozy. Several other cases with various designs are also available.

10. Nautical Star Leather Journal

At the end of a long day, a guy can place his deepest thoughts in a handprinted journal from In Blue. There are other designs, including blackbirds and owls, that are fantastic and make great journals for men and women alike. This nautical journal is my favorite, and I know it will be Jer's, too.

I hope that the boyfriend does stop by tonight and check out this one, since it is my little shout out to him. In fact, it's my shout out to all the guys out there who stop in to check out Vamp Up Vintage!

x's and o's


Vintage Lucy's Boutique Clothing Brand said...

Very cute blog and great writing....thanks for including me :)

delaflamant said...

Awesome picks, thanks for including my poster!