#14- Rainy Days with Lucille Ball

It has been awhile since I've had the opportunity to share my adventures in the blog. School has been keeping me busy with novel reading, paper writing, and Italian speaking, but spring break has finally afforded me the chance to write again. Spring, indeed, it must be, because it has been raining non-stop. I am hoping for a bit of sun in the upcoming week so that I can at least enjoy a day trip or two.
For those of you who live in or will be visiting New England anytime soon, make sure you head over to Ipswich and check out their antique shops. I hit a few yesterday, including High Street Antiques, where I found several Beatles albums for myself, and then walked around to covet the whimsical jewelry, bird cages, signs, and such that they had to offer.
Choosing a subject for today's blog was fairly simple. I grew up watching Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy nearly everyday as a child. As an adult, I still watch it often, but mostly on Sundays while I revel in the tastiness of chocolate chip pancakes. I have always been fascinated with Lucy's fashion, beauty, and talent, and she remains an icon and role model. I love Lucy, and so do millions of people around the world who still create artwork and novelties in her honor.

#1-Mame Soundtrack on Vinyl

Nothing sounds sweeter than crooning voices flowing from an old record player. I can't get my hand on or my ears attuned to enough music on vinyl. Mame, one of Lucy's films in her later adulthood, is a wonderful story with an equally fun soundtrack. The rarevinyl shop offers this delicious oddity.

#2- Lucy and Ethel Shot Glass + Candle

Light a candle with Lucy, then clean out the glass to knock back a few shots with her. This cute little glass is offered by the Wandering Gypsy Soul Candle Co., and comes with your choice of one of their eco-friendly vegan candles. Good for the environment, good for the soul, and later on, good for happy hour.

#3- DIY Lucy Shirt

A lovely lady walking around with another pretty face on her top is sure to turn a few heads. This cozy top from Poppy's Wicked Garden is a handmade design that is one of a kind and is a beautiful addition to the wardrobe of a Lucy fan.

#4- I Love Lucy Charm Set

The Moon and Stars shop offers this set of 9 beautiful charms to add a bit of red headed refinement to your jewelry collection. Just add a charm to a chain, place it around your neck, and wait for the compliments to pour in. Plus, this set gives you options for every day of the week and even a few days more. How can one resist?

#5- 50's Style Apron

Feeling sexy in the kitchen is not always easy to do when one adds too much yeast to a bread that comes out 3 yards long or when one is trying hard to grab a newspaper-reading husband's attentions. These are feats that Lucy must overcome, and women still struggle to do today. It shouldn't be too hard to grab your Ricky's attention or tame a beastly loaf of yeasty bread when wearing this appealing apron from Lover Dovers Clothing. Lover Dovers has a shop full of vintage-inspired beauties to help you and your sprouting antique-chic children to channel Lucy and other 50's icons.

6. TV Necklace

Don't touch that dial! The perfect station is already tuned in on this delightful TV accessory from Happenchance and Odd, who offer fantastic little rarities that are just waiting to be the envy of all who see.

This has cheered me up a bit, as I listen to the wind and watch the rain continue to pour down on my vacation. Today Lucy has no "splainin'" to do, because these items have done all of the work for her.

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