#15- James Dean: Rebel With a Cause

Beautiful weather has finally come to New England and I can only hope that it lasts! James Dean and I have been basking in the sun for the past few days. We've been taking extra walks and rummaging through closets to find shorts and sundresses.

In today's blog, I have decided to celebrate my shop's first zine: "Rebel With a Cause". It is a zine all about pugs that James Dean has inspired. $1 from every zine goes to animal rescue and shelters. We hope that the zine will bring awareness of animal rights and adoption by sharing my photography along with quotes on animals, brief articles, and other fun fillers.

The zine is now available in my etsy shop, so be sure to take a peak at that and all of the other new pug items that we have brought to the shop.

In honor of the launch of the zine, I felt it only appropriate to do another post on the unique pug items that I have come across in the past few weeks.

1. Striped Sweater

James Dean's twin (or so he looks!) models this beautiful sweater offered by Natalie Wyatt. The sweater is also offered in red and white and will make your pup a picture of nautical perfection.

2. Pugs in Hats ACEO Prints

I sell hats for pugs and dogs, and this lovely artist creates portraits of dogs in hats that I could never possibly knit! This cute ACEO prints make me smile, and make cute collectibles for animal lovers. The House of Pawz offers prints of pugs in many different hats, but you'll have to stop by the shop and see for yourself!

3. Little Pug Doll

Ernest the pug is too charming for words, and you can hold him and his bigger buddy, Emmitt, in your hands. I had the privilege of designing a hat for the real life Emmitt a few months ago, and he was a great supermodel. These little dolls from Pug Notes are a lovely little gift for yourself or a dog lover close to your heart.

4. Pug Stitch Markers

As a knitter, I adore these pugtastic stitch markers. Tiny clay pugs will stand in to hold your place so that you never forget your stitches and slip up on your knitting again. Wee Ones offers pugs and many other tiny creatures in their shop.

5. The Pug Pouch

With iPhones, iPods, and other fancy gadgets floating around in the oversized purses of fashionable and practical women everywhere, it is not surprising that these expensive electronic investments get scratched and worn in their habitats among makeup, medicine, money, and whatever else we tote around. This poochey pouch from Track and Field Designs is a delightful way to protect these items while maintaining style and swank.

6. Pug Sketch

Happy Raver Girls' White Rabbit Wardrobe is a versatile shop with many different items and designs to offer. This wonderful 8x10 sketch of a Boston terrier/pug mix is an interesting study of one adorable little dog.

7. Bubble Chaser Print

Pugs eat anything and everything, so it is no surprise that this pug is off attempting to take a bite out of some bubbles. This 5x7 print from EekSwing not only shows a pug's true colors, but will also make you smile every time you glance at it.

8. Pug Life Mixed Media Artwork

All pugs have a bit of bad-ass in them, and nothing has captured that attitude like this piece by Retro Whale. The work consists of two 6x6 wooden panels that are ready to adorn your walls with Pugliness.

9. Mini Journal

Some hottie just gave you his phone number but you have a bad memory and nothing to write it down on. Bummer. That's why you should carry a little notepad at all times! I never leave the house without a notebook and a pen, just in case I come across something interesting or need to remember something on the go. This convenient and charming mini journal is great to throw in your purse or keep in your car to make sure that you don't miss a thing! FuzzyMug helps you keep tabs on things by offering lovely little journals with images of all sorts of fuzzy friends on their covers, as well as other sweet animal print items.

10. Embroidered Pug Top

This sweatshirt is as warm and whimsical as the pug that adorns it! Imago Drift offers beautifully embroidered items that are irresistibly posh and picturesque.

11. Pug Ring

Sofa City Sweethearts Jewelry Shop offers this sweet little accessory that adds a bit of pug-love to your sense of style.

12. Easter Bunny Costume

If this doesn't make you smile, then who knows what will? A pug turned bunny may not be cuter than a pug itself, but it is pretty darn close. This fun little get-up by I Lick You is offered among several other amusing dog costumes that will bring a bit of fun to your and your pets' holidays.

James Dean is exhausted by this curating adventure that we've been on. I have a feeling he or I will be in possession of a few of these items sometime soon... that is if one of our lovely readers doesn't snatch them up first!

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Archie and Melissa said...

hi jessica!
oh thank you so much for featuring Ernest the pug doll on your blog!
we are honored!
we just love your work!
your biggest fans!
melissa & emmitt