#17- The Wonder of Whimsy

I have been so busy that I let my camera rest for far too long. Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to take off the lens cap and snap a few. I love the results that I got. Here are a few of the shots I managed to take (all self-portraits):

Comments and critiques are welcomed, as always! I do have a print of the 3rd photo available in my etsy shop. I am willing to sell the others too if anyone is interested.

I was feeling incredibly whimsical during the entire day of shooting. I ran around my entire house changing from dress to dress, slipping in and out of heels, and coming up with new concepts at the drop of a hat. I have several more images that I am working on and will share this week.

J.D., of course, wanted to make his usual appearance by sneaking into my photos. He needs his limelight!

Here are some whimsical items that I would love to own and incorporate into my future photographic adventures:

1- Vintage Roller Skates

How much fun! One could acquire a new hobby as well as a photographic muse with these beauties from ethanollie.

2- Lovely Ring

I try to base my photographs around one central object or idea. I am fascinated and have some sort of strange obsession with the unique beauty of human hands, so I have a large collection of rings and would love to add this piece by Silvercrush to my collection!

3- Luke the Monkey

This rag doll style monkey is cute and a bit strange, but that's what makes him so wonderful! I can just see myself squeezing him or holding him in my hand. This quirky companion and others (my favorites include a few pugs and a kissable boston terrier) are the creations of A. Nichell Designs.

4- Eunice Painting Reproduction

Backdrops are an important component in photos. I never use artificial backdrops, I usually go with my walls, and I love to fill them up with unique artwork that makes a subtle background statement. Reproductions of paintings by Amber Alexander are absolutely stunning and would catch anyone's eye.

5- Red Maillot

I have been searching high and low for a beautiful vintage swimsuit. Unfortunately I am on a tight budget and can't yet afford one of these lovely handmade suits by The Red Dolly. The suits are chic and sexy and would make any girl look like a pretty pinup.

Enjoy what's left of this weekend that is quickly coming to a close!

x's and o's

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Amber said...

thank you for including Eunice in this fun collection.:)