#18 - Quickie

The semester is nearly over (only 3 weeks left!) so I've been very busy keeping up with a crazy schedule. It's nice to have a minute to finally relax and catch up on things. I've been revisiting photos that I've taken over the past few years and it's amazing how things that seemed too simple before are so beautiful now. Nothing is ever too simple, it seems.

A few weeks ago JD and I enjoyed a lovely trip to the beach with Jeremy, mum, little sis, and Bret. JD was definitely in his element. As you can see, he owned that sidewalk! Now that the nice weather appears to be here to stay I plan to take him there for a few good runs before the dog ban is put back on the beach in June.

Other than a few brief daytrips and everyday life, there is not much that is new. But with summer ahead, I anticipate a great many things to come.

Before I head off, I wanted to note this wonderful pug card by African Grey Designs:

What a wonderful way to cheer someone up who is going through a rough patch!

On that note, stay healthy and happy :]

x's and o's