#23 -All You Need is Pug

James Dean and I are so excited to introduce our website AllYouNeedIsPug.com! Since I create so many pug products using JD as my muse, I decided to finally name the line of all of my pug products "All You Need is Pug" (since I have a slight obsession with The Beatles). The site has links to all of our social networks and the other places where you can find us on the web. This will make things especially easy in the future and I will be ordering new business cards with this address.

Aside from introducing you to that, we would like to give a shout out to our pals Melissa and Emmitt who were kind enough to feature us in their blog this week! I made Emmitt a hat in the fall to match one of the adorable sweaters that Melissa created for him.

Look how snuggly he is! JD and I check in on him often via Melissa's blog. It is full of fun art, recipes, stories, and more. Plus, no one can resist the cuteness of Emmitt in the adorable sweater vests that his mommy creates. I can't wait to buy one for JD once I have the funds to do so. Her artwork is equally as beautiful as the cozy vests that she makes with love. Please stop by and say hello to our friends!

On Etsy. The Pug Notes Blog.

This weekened promises to be very busy, but I will be sure to write again, as the family and I have many adventures planned.

x's and o's


#22 - Summertime, and the Livin' Is Easy

Today was my first full day of "summer". I am happy with the amount of personal projects I accomplished today. I created all new "All You Need is Pug" stationary that is available now in my Etsy shop:

Other designs are also available.

I managed to knit a few items as well, read a bit of "Little Women and Werewolves" by Louisa May Alcott and Porter Grand (I'll let you know how it is once I finish it), and went to A.C. Moore to pick up a few supplies for some upcoming projects.

I finally decided to share my recipe for my favorite salad, too. It's a mix of all of my favorite tasty, healthy foods. Buon appetito!

Good Day Sunshine Salad

2-3 Cups of Olivia's Organics Tangy Spinach Blend
3-5 Strawberries sliced
1/4 Cup of Raw Mixed Nuts
2 Tablespoons of Cranberries
1 Tablespoon of Raisins
1/4 Cup of Chickpeas
2 Tablespoons of Goat Cheese
Your Favorite Dressing (I recommend Raspberry Vinaigrette or Honey Mustard)

Mix all ingredients, top with your dressing, and enjoy!

To make this vegetarian meal a vegan treat, simply eave out the cheese.

Before I head off to play with Mr. James Dean, I have to share this print. It made me smile!

Romantic Pug Pair on a Beach by Lynch Art

Too cute! Have a good night dudes and dolls :]

x's and o's


#21 - Sugar, Honey Honey

I am finally free! I had my last final a few hours ago, and what a relief it is to be home and able to do as I please. This entire summer is being devoted to the various projects that I am working on, including resuming my 88 Pearls Project (http://88pearls.com), and getting items ready for the fall Pug Social.

I began working on some postcards and finished two sets yesterday. I love the way they came out and they are both for sale now in my shop:

I will be heading to the store tonight to buy more cards and get cracking on creating more designs.

I was feeling especially creative yesterday and made an interesting fruit salad and thought I'd share the recipe.


(serves 1)
1 apple cut into small chunks
1 tablespoon of raisins
2 tablespoons of blueberries
A quarter cup of chopped raw mixed nuts (I prefer almonds, cashews, walnuts, and brazil nuts)
A teaspoon of honey

Mix all fruit and nuts together and drizzle the honey on top for a tasty and filling snack or light lunch.

Pugs can enjoy a modified version of this salad. Simply remove the nuts and raisins, since neither are good for the little cuties. But the apples with blueberries and honey is a tasty little snack that JD seems to enjoy. He also likes to add strawberries to his snack. He also likes to stand by and oversee the cooking process!

He and I have a full summer ahead of us and we cannot wait for it to begin.

Before we head off to start our adventures, we want to share some fun pug items that we've seen in Etsy shops this week.

Pet Bandanas by HappyPetPaws

Eduardo 6x8 Print by Paola Zakimi

Pug Ornament by Made for You Gifts

Home Sweet Home Print by Rosie Music

I especially love the Home Sweet Home print. It reminds me a lot of my own life with Jer and JD.

Until next time-

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#20- Pug Postcard Swap!

James Dean and I have been lounging about today. JD is enjoying basking in the sun while I study for my Italian final exam. He looks so cute laying about with his favorite toy, Budda, and sleeping under the swing.

I am through with studying for the day, so I plan to devote some time to creating items for the fall's Pug Social. Mom, JD, and I are preparing now and through the summer so that we have plenty of items to bring with us. We just stocked up on our yarn stash to create hundreds of new hats.

And some of our finished work:

We are very excited. We've been to the annual Pug Rescue of New England Pug Social twice, but this will be our first year vending and we cannot wait.

JD and I had an idea for the summer and we want to invite all of our friends (new and old) to join in! We want to share our adventures with you all summer and to hear about yours, too, so we are initiating our first ever PUG POSTCARD SWAP! If you would like to join in, send us a message, leave a comment, or email jj-lynne@hotmail.com for details. All are welcome to join the fun :]

x's and o's


#19 - For the Furry Friends

It's been far too long since I've taken the time to sit down and do something for myself, such as write in this blog. I'm not sure what the blog is about anymore. I guess it's a little bit of everything that is me.
Summer is just 4 days away for me; I couldn't be happier. The goal this summer is just to do and create as much as possible. Right now, one of my missions is to create a greater awareness in others for compassion towards all animals. James Dean and I have always been animal advocates, and I have been a vegetarian since the age of 12, so I have been one for approximately seven years now. I am currently trying to phase most of the dairy out of my diet now, too. I am reading a book called "Why Animals Matter" by Erin Williams and Margo DeMillo. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in learning about the treatment of animals in the food, hunting, pet, clothing, and entertainment industries. The book is heavily fact-based, but there are a few inspirational stories of rescued animals along the way. The book exposes the exploitation of animals everywhere. Of course, I understand that not all people have the same views and that I can't turn every person in the world into an herbivore, but if I can use my blog to help even a few people to make some changes in their lives, then I feel as though I've accomplished something.
Personally, it is hard for me to separate my love for my pug, James Dean, from a compassion for pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, goats, and other wonderful animals. I have now become a part of PETA2's street team in order to help spread the word on animal right, especially in their campaign against McDonald's restaurants' cruelty toward chickens . If anyone is interested in some reading materials or would like to chat about vegetarianism, veganism, or animals in general, please leave a comment or email jj-lynne@hotmail.com.
This blog originally started as a way to share my findings in the handmade and vintage world. This blog is still that blog, but it has become something more. And it is all thanks to this little guy:

He and I recently won the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Mother's Day photo contest. Very exciting! You can take a peak by clicking on this image:

It's a beautiful day, and though I don't feel well and I'm tired, summer is so close. I have 2 final exams left and then I am free. Time to plan some daytrips and draw up a summer reading list :]

x's and o's