#20- Pug Postcard Swap!

James Dean and I have been lounging about today. JD is enjoying basking in the sun while I study for my Italian final exam. He looks so cute laying about with his favorite toy, Budda, and sleeping under the swing.

I am through with studying for the day, so I plan to devote some time to creating items for the fall's Pug Social. Mom, JD, and I are preparing now and through the summer so that we have plenty of items to bring with us. We just stocked up on our yarn stash to create hundreds of new hats.

And some of our finished work:

We are very excited. We've been to the annual Pug Rescue of New England Pug Social twice, but this will be our first year vending and we cannot wait.

JD and I had an idea for the summer and we want to invite all of our friends (new and old) to join in! We want to share our adventures with you all summer and to hear about yours, too, so we are initiating our first ever PUG POSTCARD SWAP! If you would like to join in, send us a message, leave a comment, or email jj-lynne@hotmail.com for details. All are welcome to join the fun :]

x's and o's

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Archie and Melissa said...

hi jesscia!
oh my gosh, JD, yarn and your finsiuhed hats!
I am in heaven! what a fabulous post!

yes! we would love to play!

what do we need to do?

m & e