#23 -All You Need is Pug

James Dean and I are so excited to introduce our website AllYouNeedIsPug.com! Since I create so many pug products using JD as my muse, I decided to finally name the line of all of my pug products "All You Need is Pug" (since I have a slight obsession with The Beatles). The site has links to all of our social networks and the other places where you can find us on the web. This will make things especially easy in the future and I will be ordering new business cards with this address.

Aside from introducing you to that, we would like to give a shout out to our pals Melissa and Emmitt who were kind enough to feature us in their blog this week! I made Emmitt a hat in the fall to match one of the adorable sweaters that Melissa created for him.

Look how snuggly he is! JD and I check in on him often via Melissa's blog. It is full of fun art, recipes, stories, and more. Plus, no one can resist the cuteness of Emmitt in the adorable sweater vests that his mommy creates. I can't wait to buy one for JD once I have the funds to do so. Her artwork is equally as beautiful as the cozy vests that she makes with love. Please stop by and say hello to our friends!

On Etsy. The Pug Notes Blog.

This weekened promises to be very busy, but I will be sure to write again, as the family and I have many adventures planned.

x's and o's

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Archie and Melissa said...

hi jesscia and jd!
oh my gosh! thank you so much for the wonderful post! we are so honored to be mentioned on your wonderful blog!

we LOVE your new website!

great work as always jessica!
you are amazing!

m & e