#25 -A Present from JD to You

JD and I are stopping in to announce that we will soon be raffling off an Anti-Pull Harness from Yuppie Puppy! This charming black harness is a size medium and is wonderful for pugs. Invite all of your friends who are dog parents to come by and read our blog in the upcoming weeks to find out how to enter our raffle and win the prize. We will be letting our readers and friends know how to enter on June 16, so that gives everyone 2 weeks to invite all of their pals to "follow" our blog and join in the fun.

x's and o's


Archie and Melissa said...

oh how fun jesscia and jd!

emmitt and i will spread the word!


Wilma said...

That sounds awesome. My brother Sluggo could certainly use one of those. He has no leash manners. We will pass it along.You should come over and sign up for my giveaway. It's for a cooling vest to keep us pugs from overheating in the summer.

Mia said...

That's a great raffle!!! Sure lots of pup parents would like one of those!!


Jess & Lilo

JJ Lynne said...

Thank you both for sharing our giveaway with your friends.

Wilma, we have stopped by your blog and had so much fun reading it! We are glad to be your newest followers and can't wait to read more from you :]