#27 - Back from North Conway

I'm back from my little vacation. Jeremy surprised me and took me up to North Conway for the weekend. We stayed at a cozy little bed and breakfast that had the most amazing Texas-style French toast that we've ever eaten. We arrived late Friday night, woke up early yesterday morning, and took the Cog Railway train up to the top of Mount Washington. Unfortunately, it was cold, rainy, and so foggy that we could barely see more than a yard or two in front of us. We ended up walking around a bit before taking the cog back and heading back to North Conway. Once we had dinner we went to a teeny tiny local theater to see "Shrek Forever After". It was a hilarious movie with phenomenal graphics, so I do recommend seeing it. It certainly will not disappoint Shrek fans. Once the movie ended late, we headed back to the B&B where Jer taught me how to play chess. We went to bed early because we were intending to go horseback riding early this morning, but stormy conditions prevented that, so we opted to head home.

While in N. Conway, I missed my little James Dean very much. He had a lovely weekend with his grandparents and many of the neighboring dogs came to visit him. I just had to bring the little guy some presents. I found a fantastic pet supply store and bake shop called Four Your Paws Only. If you are ever in North Conway and you have a pet, you will have to stop in. The workers were all incredibly friendly and there was such a positive vibe in the shop. I found some adorable toys for JD and got him some of their home-made biscuits. I even managed to find myself a magnet for my car that I posted a picture of above. Jer got a bumper sticker that said "My Pug is Smarter than Your Honor Student". We got a kick out of that one. Some of their products are available online at their website, so stop on by and check out there store here.

Here are some of the photos from our excursion:

The thick fog on top of Mount Washington.

Jer at the Cog Railroad

Yours truly at the Cog.

The train that we took.

Another cog getting ready for action.

Getting blown away on top of Mount Washington.

Jeremy in the fog.

The valley below Mount Washington.

A sign that we were happy to see at a local mall. My campaign this summer is educating people on the dangers of leaving dogs in cars, so this sign made me smile.

Jeremy catching a view near our hotel in North Conway.

Local view.

The pretty sky after the rain.

The nasty second storm that we hit this morning.

The tasty treats we bought for JD at "Four Your Paws Only". That blueberry oat biscuit looks so yummy that I could eat it myself! I think JD is going to enjoy his chicken pot pie treat tonight.

I am off to spend some time relaxing with Jer and JD. More adventures to share soon!

x's and o's

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