#32- Paws Up for Charity

This has been a very productive and eventful week! JD had a bath 2 days ago and we forgot to share our photos. He hates baths, so he was not thrilled that I insisted on snapping a few photos, but in retrospect he is happy to be clean and smelling like yummy berries!

Watching the news every night really puts a damper on the day as I see how many animals are dying or being injured thanks to BP's oil spill. I can't sit by and do nothing, and I wish I had the money to fly down and rescue animals myself, but because that isn't an option I am doing something small. I am selling the above print in my etsy shop and donating a portion of the profits to the National Wildlife Federation's oil spill relief fund. It isn't much, but I am glad I can give something.

In other news, I joined the group "Etsy for Animal" which is a community of shops that donate a portion of their profits to animals. I am very excited to begin getting involved :]

Our final bit of excitement for the day is announcing our new goal. From tomorrow, June 12, until December 12 our goal is to sell 1 hat to each of the 50 states (yes, even the warm state of Hawaii!). We have printed the above map and will be keeping track of our progress. We have 6 months to sell 50 hats to people all over the US, and we hope you will have fun tracking our progress with us. The 50 buyers who represent each state will receive a free pug print as a token of our thanks in helping us to reach this goal that we've set for ourselves. We want to see alien dogs taking over all over the US in our hats!

Tomorrow is my dad's 50th birthday party (his real birthday is Sunday). We'll tell you all about it. Have a fun weekend everyone! Any plans?

x's and o's


Pili said...

Big kudos for your contribution to the cleaning of the oil spill!

And best of luck on your new goal! I'm sure you'll guys manage it no problem!

Wilma said...

What a great thing you are doing to help those poor animals.
Alien Pugs in all 50 states?why stop there. I thing once that goal is accomplished, you should go world wide. Then alien pus everywhere could take over the world.
I heard something about going on a hike later,if the weather holds out.We are going to my Grammy and Grampys tomorrow and my Auntie Dive will be there. She is one of my favorite people.
Have a great weekend.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi jess & jd!
oh what a fabuolus goal and a fun thing to keep track of!
we love it and know you will exceed your goal!

your hats are beyond fabulous and every pug head in america should have one!

emmitt LOVES his!

m & e