#34- A Crafty Monday

We have so much news and fun to share today! This is going to be a longer post, but we are quite sure that you'll enjoy it. JD woke up this morning and I just had to snap this photo of him sitting near the James Dean poster that's by my bed. Him and his idol in one shot... I just couldn't pass it up :]

This morning I made an Etsy treasury called Warm, Fuzzy Feelings, which is composed of items that promote animal rights, well being, welfare, rescue, and other positive attitudes towards animals. I love so many of these items and the messages that they send! I am especially excited about this treasury because one hour after making it I received an e-mail offering me a volunteer position at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). I've been donating to them for a long time, so I am glad to finally have the chance to do more. I begin on Sunday, June 27. I will share all about it! I am also signed up for the MSPCA Walk for Animals this fall. My team is called "Rebels With a Cause". I will give details about that later this week, in case anyone is interested in becoming one of my sponsors.

This morning was a busy one! I had a physical with my doctor so that she could make sure I'm growing up good and strong. Good news: I am! After the physical I came right home to spend the morning crafting with JD. Above is my "portable" paper crafting basket that comes around the house with me. I made some new cards and have ideas for more to make this evening.

I decided to make "All You Need Is Pug Gift Sets" to sell in my etsy shop. Now family and friends of pug and dog lovers can give a lovely gift for any occasion :]

I think I will share my vegetarian "chicken" and broccolli ring recipe tomorrow since I already jam-packed today's post. I will end by sharing a photo of JD and I from this morning. I was trying to get a photo of my new haircut and color that my cousin gave me yesterday and JD wanted to show off his handsome face, too. He is such a charming little fellow!

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Wilma said...

That shot of JD on your bed is the best. All he needs is a little leather jacket tossed over his shoulder. Although, he would probably prefer pleather. Congratulations on your new volunteer position. That is great news. Love the new doo. You look mahvalous!