#36- The First Raffle Day

It's Raffle Day!

Good morning everyone. We are happy to finally give you the chance to enter our first ever free giveaway! We are raffling off a size medium Yuppie Puppy Anti-Pull harness. Here's how to enter:

1. Become a blog follower & leave a comment with your name and e-mail address so that I can contact you. Below this information, tell us a short story about a special dog in your life. It can be the story of how you met, a funny story of something that he or she did, or any other creative tale that you can think of. The story can be as brief or as long as you like it to be.

2. For additional entries, post a link to the contest on twitter, facebook, or any other networking place, and you will get an additional entry for every place that you post it. Just leave another comment to let us know that you posted the link so that we can add an entry for you.

3. Become our fan on facebook for another entry.

4. Follow us on twitter for another entry.

Here's the prize:

This raffle will go on until this Friday afternoon (June 18). When the entries are in, we will randomly draw a name out of the bunch to win the harness. We will also share some of the entry stories in our blog.

We are hoping that this raffle goes well because we have another harness, a bag of organic treats, and a tumbler toy to raffle off in the future, so invite all your puggie and puppy friends! JD wishes you all the best of luck :]

x's & o's


Unknown said...


Puck is a sweet puggie. She's 11 months old now and lives in Holland.

She really needs a new harness. We bought her one, but it hurts her "arm". :( Had the use the old one again.

With a new comfortable harness she would be soooo happy. :)

Archie and Melissa said...

hi jess and jd!
oh we are so excited to enter!
we follow your blog, twitter and fb!
we will post your contest for all of our friends to see today!
m & e

Harry Pugalicious said...

Hi Jess and JD! We can't believe we didn't sign up to be your fan on FB already, but we just did. We also shared your post about this giveaway and re-tweeted it!

Mom loves your work and I fears I will have a hat soon. I thinks LuLu would be cuter in one than me ::snort::

Me and LuLu don't wear harnesses but we think this would make a great auction item at Pugfest this year!

Kelly said...

Hi Jessica & James Dean!

Aren't you two just awfully cute!? Thanks for stopping by my blog! I started following yours!

By the way, I can't get over how cute your hats are. I am putting one on my wish-list!!


Blues13 said...

Hi Jess and JD! I found this blog through Twitter and subscribed immediately. I have a 3 year old pug who is always making me smile with the funny things he does. One of the funniest he did a couple months ago was actually put himself to bed. Noah constantly feels the need to entertain and WILL NOT go to bed if anyone other than me is in the house unless he's forced to. We were visiting my parents and we could not find him late one night. We didn't even think to look in his crate. And there he was, passed out asleep. It was adorable!

I also started following on Twitter and Facebook today and reposted. Noah LOVES walks and a new harness would be a great present for him!

caffeingirl said...

I have two adorable pugs and one larger non-pug. I discovered rescue after my first pug, so I have worked with Seattle Pug Rescue to help sweet pugs find their forever homes. I'm all about rescue now!
love your blog!

Wilma said...

Oh, Sluggo is a big puller on the leash. So, he could use all the help he can get.
I'm always talking about me and my siblings on my blog. So for the contest, I'll tell you about the Chocolate Lab Meekus who lives next door. Brigitte is obsessed with her, and she is obsessed with my Mom. Kinda like that J. Giles song. All she has to do is hear Mom's voice and she will leap right over her fence and run right to Mom's side. She also looks out the 2nd floor window and pines for Mom. She is a very sweet, special girl.