#39 -Books, Blogrolls, and Adventures

The Pets Blogroll Contests: Winner!

We got some fun news from Pets Blogroll today. We were one of the 5 out of 50 blogs to win a dog bowl from the blogroll. How cute! We are so glad to be a part of their site.

Today JD an I went to Essex with my parents to enjoy a day out. JD and I walked with my mum while my dad browsed antique shops. JD had fun, but unfortunately it was hot and JD was far too active attempting to run and play in the heat. He began to pant a bit more heavily than usual. We made sure to get him some water and his grandma carried him back to the car so that he could cool off in the air conditioning. Poor little fellow! He calmed down and began to relax fairly quickly. Before leaving Essex, my mum found a concrete pug for the garden at a local shop. Unfortunately the shop was very expensive, so she didn't buy it, but now dad and I have an idea of what to get her for her birthday in August!

After Essex, JD hung out with his grandpa in the parking lot at Trader Joe's in Danvers while his grandma and I went to pickup some groceries. Today is my second day as a vegan, so I needed to pick up some food. I have been a vegetarian for 9 years, so the switch to veganism isn't so bad. I just miss my TJ's cocoa cover almonds and chocolate covered raisins. Other than that, I am doing fine without animal products so far. This is definitely going to take some experimentation in the kitchen!

JD and I are now home and relaxing while working on some new projects. Since I am such an avid reader, I decided to start making book marks for the shop. I posted 2 today and one sold within two hours of posting! I will be listing more this week :]

Since we're on the topic of literature, here are some of the books that I am reading or planning to read this summer:

"The Animal Activist's Handbook" - Matt Ball
"Farm Sanctuary" - Gene Bauer
"The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights" - Ingrid Newkirk
"Harry Potter Series" - J.K. Rowling
"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
"Maggie Now" - Betty Smith
"Northanger Abbey" - Jane Austen
"An Old Fashioned Girl" - Louisa May Alcott
& L. Frank Baum's Oz Books

I know I won't get through everything since there are 14 Oz books alone, but I always make my list long to keep me busy. I also usually end up changing my list a lot. I have at least 200 books between my mother and I, so I have too many to choose from. The shelf pictured above is barely 1/5 of our own little collection. Plus, I work in a library, so I find books all the time to bring home and delve into. I still can't believe that I never finished reading the Harry Potter books. In middle school I made it to book 3, stopped, and never picked up again. Now I've re-read the first three books over the last 2 weeks and am starting the fourth. Maybe I'll finish this time! JD likes Harry Potter because he's got that spark of adventure in him. JD prefers movies to books, though, so I will have top rent them for us to watch after I am done reading.

I am going to go and watch "Jersey Girl" (the cheesy 1990's movie starring Jamie Gertz. I highly recommend it for a girl's night!) and work on some paper crafts. Have a lovely day, all.

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The Devil Dog said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting. It is nice to meet you. My mom is laughing cuz her best friend is Jessica Lynn. How weird is that.
I love the photos of JD in the hats. I can't believe he lets you do that. I don't think I would let mom do that to me.


Wilma said...

Congratulations Jessica and JD on winning the bowl from Pets Blogroll. We are glad you joined too! Mom said she loves your bookmarks. One problem, she has started reding books on her ipad. JD, sounds like you could have used one of those cooling vests yesterday! Glad you recovered.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi jess!
oh what a wonderful post!
we love your bookmarks and new brooches!
we are so glad you all had such a fun day!
thanks for sharing your book list!

m & e