#44 - Busy!

Good morning everyone :] JD and I have had an eventful week and it's not slowing down! JD never forgets to stop and load up on snacks to keep his energy up, though. He and I have been hard at work creating new items for the shop. We made several book marks and listed a few on Etsy. We made about 10 more last night, too. Maybe we'll show you those in the upcoming week.

Today I am going to Jeremy's for dinner because his family from Italy is visiting and is making me a special vegan homemade lasagna. Yum! JD wishes he could come and gobble up this tasty treat, too. Maybe I'll sneak him a doggie bag. And, of course, this will give me a chance to practice a bit of Italian so that I am not rusty once summer is over and I study in Italian III this fall.

Tomorrow promises to be a VERY busy and exciting day. In the morning I will be starting my first day as an MSPCA volunteer. Right after I complete training I have to rush home, get ready, and drive off to Connecticut to see Ringo Starr! I am so excited that I am bragging to everyone I know. Most people don't think it's as fantastic as I do, but my obsession with The Beatles makes this quite a highlight for me. The Beatles are JD's favorite band, too. We have a CD of Beatles instrumental lullabies that helps him to sleep every night. Ringo is his favorite Beatle. He even has a huge stuffed caterpillar toy named Ringo! I will share all about the concert, the MSPCA, and JD's newest adventures in Monday's post.

Have a fun rest of the weekend everyone! Is anyone else making exciting plans, too?

x's & o's


Wilma said...

I can't stand the cuteness of JD with his inch worm. Looks like someone needs a buddy?

The Devil Dog said...

Have fun seeing Ringo. Dad always says he is a better drummer than people credit him for.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi jess and jd!
oh what an exciting week you have planned!
that photo of jd snoozing with his catapillar just made my whole week!