#45 - All Starr Raffle

We have so much exciting news to share today. The Ringo concert on Sunday night was fantastic! I cannot believe how much talent and energy and exudes on stage. I was glad to see that he played drums for much of the show, and because his band is full of "all starrs" there were many talented musicians that I got to see along with him. Ringo's band included Rick Derringer of The McCoys ("Hang on Sloopy"), Edgar Winter ("Free Ride"), Wally Palmer of The Romantics ("What I Like About You"), and a handful of other amazing artists. Ringo ought to be a comedian as much as he is a musician. He cracked hilarious jokes, danced and jumped around, and even broke into jumping jacks. The tracks that he sang included "Yellow Submarine", "Honey Don't", "Act Naturally", "Boys", "With a Little Help from my Friends", "Photograph", "Give Peace a Chance" and a handful of songs from his new album "Y Not". I will be bragging about this to anyone who will listen for at least a year or two :]

In puggie news, JD and I unleashed the second issue of our zine "Rebel With a Cause" this morning. This is our second issue and has more content than the last. It also is our first color-cover edition. We've packed this issue with a "chow time" recipe, JD's tips for happy pugs, keeping pups cool in the heat, how you can help animals in need, and more fun. We had a great time making it and we hope that buyers will enjoy reading it. $1 from every zine is donated to a New England animal shelter.


I am thrilled to announce our second raffle today, since the blog has just reached 30 followers. This raffle will be for one of my handmade Tumbler Toys. The tumbler is one of JD's favorite toys and he loves to swing it and toss it in the air. Here's how to participate in the raffle:

1. Submit a photo of your pet or pets by leaving a comment with a link to the photo or by e-mailing your photo to jessica@allyouneedispug.com. Make sure you also note your e-mail address if leaving a comment so that I can contact you if you win.

2. For an extra entry, give us a little information about the pet or pets in the photo. You can tell us anything about them including how they came into your life, their likes and dislikes, or about their personalities. Anything you can think of.

3. For another extra entry spread the word about the raffle via a blog, twitter, facebook, etc. You will get an extra entry for each place that you post it, so be sure to let us know that you've told your friends about it!

The winner will be announced one week from today on July 6.

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Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, and Peyton Annie Manning said...

OOHHHHH, Miss Jessica! Please enter us! We LOVE free stuff! Pictures of The Pug Corral can be found here: http://thepugcorral.blogspot.com/

The Pug Corral consists of Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, and Peyton Annie Manning. (Can you tell our Momma and Daddy LOVE the Indy Colts?!?!)

Dallas is a PugZu (Pug/Shih-Tzu Mix), Reggie is a Pug, and Peyton is a Bug (Pug/Boston Terrier Mix).

Dallas and Reggie were rescued by our Momma's wonderful friend, Miss Sheila, who found us in a lady's backyard breeding business. Although, Reggie was a surprise: he was in his Momma Pug's tummy, unbeknownst to Miss Sheila! Peyton was rescued through Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (KPR).

We are all very sweet, fun, and loving Puggies and Momma says she doesn't remember her life before we came! :)

And J.D.! How cool is it that you were named after one of Momma's favorite actors! And his hometown is just minutes from our house! AND J.D. is our uncle's name, short for James Dale. Not so movie starrish according to him! :(

Pretty Little Funker said...

I love PUGS! Arghhh awesome pictures <3 Much love babes, Kimberley xxx