#53 - Mutt Day

Happy Mutt Day, Everyone!

Who cares if you're a purebred or a mixed breed? All you pooches are just as sweet and snuggly as can be! JD is a purebred, but we believe Ringo is a mixed breed who is likely a cross between a pug and a boston terrier. Celebrate today with us by taking 10% off of any item in my etsy shop by writing "love my mutt" in the message to seller at checkout.

We hope you all have a fun weekend. We are off to spend the day working hard at making new items to share with all of you.

x's & o's

#52 - Free Toys for Our Friends


Hello lovely pets and their parents. It's crazy here in the Furtado household, as always. Tomorrow I am devoting the full day to working on all of the ideas that I've been brewing for new items for my shop. I am going to quarantine myself in my room armed with all of my crafting bins, a glass of lemon water, some good music, and the company of my pooches so that I can get some work done!

In the meantime, I am thrilled to continue our second contest/raffle. We currently have 2 entries and will make this raffle ongoing until we reach 10 or more contestants. The fabulous prize will be one of my handmade Tumbler Toys. The tumbler is one of JD's and Ringo's favorite toys and the have a blast swinging them and tossing them in the air. Here's how to participate in the raffle:

1. Submit a photo of your pet or pets by leaving a comment with a link to the photo or by e-mailing your photo to jessica@allyouneedispug.com. Make sure you also note your e-mail address if you are entering via a comment so that I can contact you if you win!

2. For an extra entry, give us a little information about the pet or pets in the photo. You can tell us anything about them including how they came into your life, their likes and dislikes, or about their personalities. Anything you can think of.

3. For another extra entry spread the word about the raffle via a blog, twitter, facebook, etc. You will get an extra entry for each place that you post it, so be sure to let us know that you've told your friends about it!

The more entries we get, the faster a winner will be chosen, so spread the word and have a bit of fun :]

I am a bit tired, so I am heading to bed, but the next time that I write I will share about the concert that I went to on Wednesday. I got free tickets to see The Spill Canvas, Switchfoot, and The Goo Goo Dolls. I even got to meet The Spill Canvas and Switchfoot! It was a fantastic night, and I'll spill all of the details and some photos in my next post.

x's & o's


#51 - Busy Babies

Oh boy, we've been so busy that we've neglected to blog for over a week! Hopefully that will not be a common occurrence. I missed hearing from all of my lovely blogspot friends :]

I hope all of you are doing well. JD, Ringo, and I have been inside a great deal since the heat here in New England is stifling and humid. The boys have been spending a lot of time with their grandma while I have been picking up extra hours at work. I've been hired to run 3 young adult craft sessions at the library where I work, and the first one is tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well!

I have also been crafting and knitting up a storm since October is coming closer and closer and I need to have all of my items ready to sell at the Pug Rescue of New England's Pug Social.

Aside from my own crazy activities, I have also been spending my Sundays at the MSPCA wishing that I could take every sweet pup home with me. There is the sweetest American Bulldog who has been there over a month now. Her name is Sky and she was surrendered because she has terrible allergies that cause her to have many painful skin issues. The poor thing is such a beautiful and sweet dog. I walk her and spend some time giving her TLC every chance that I can. She currently has a cone around her head to keep her from biting her skin and making it raw. even though I love seeing her greet me every time I go in, I hope that soon I will walk in and see an empty cage where she was and know that some wonderful family finally took her home.

Today when I arrived I saw 3 new Boston Terriers who have just arrived and are still in holding. I cannot explain how badly I want to scoop one of them up and take him home! My favorite one is a young, playful sweetie named Mitchell. He's one of the snuggliest little guys I've ever gotten the chance to spend some time with at the shelter.

As you can see, it's been hectic around here with my scrambling between my pooches, crafts, my "real job", and the MSPCA, but keeping busy is the best way to make change in the world, so it's well worth the trouble! JD and Ringo are making their impact on the world, too, by causing people everywhere to laugh and smile at how cute they are. Here are two new prints that I've made of them to add to the fun items in my shop:

JD as a Supermodel Mug (Man + Pug = Mug)
Thank you to my cousin, Jonny, for being the body for this shot!

JD and Ringo as Sgt. Pupper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

They crack me up every time I look at them! Prints of these images are available in my Etsy shop and $1 from each sale goes to the MSPCA or the Pug Rescue of New England. Every month my lovely customers help me to donate about $15-$30 to these shelters, and I usually chip in more, too. So thank you to everyone who helps to support my shop! The profits help to pay for my college tuition and also to help animals at local shelters, so all around, your purchases mean so much to so many individuals.

x's & o's


#50 - Spunky and New

It feels like ages since I've logged in to write a blog even though it's only been a week! I can see that I have a lot of catching up to do in reading about all of our friends and their adventures. It'll be a lovely Saturday catching up with everyone :]

Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes and love that you sent along for Ringo and the rest of my family. Ringo is adjusting well and fits into the family like a glove. He's already very attached to my mother and can't stand when she leaves the room. (The photo above is of Ringo sleeping on my mum's lap outside. So cute!) And we've already picked up on some of his cute quirks. For instance, if you say "buh-bye" he barks and spins in circles before running to the door to prompt you to take him out. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. As for an update on his health, his mouth is healing well and his stitches from his neutering are healing up and he seems to be doing just fine. He's already gained 2 lbs. which is very good because he is much too underweight for his height. I am glad to see that his new home makes him as happy as he makes us.

JD likes and respects his new pal. They've taken to running with each other and nudging one another playfully, so they're on their way to plotting mischief together already!

The boys have been keeping me busy, as have my crafts, which is why I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do. I've also been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The boys get fully home-cooked meals now and my own vegan diet has gotten me to be much more creative in the kitchen. I actually enjoy going grocery shopping and I've been vegan for exactly one month now. I'm loving every minute of it and look forward to sharing some recipes with everyone :]

Since my crafts have been keeping me so busy, here's a peak at what I've been working on in the past few days:

And here is the new tote that I designed and had printed that just arrived:

There are several other new items available in the shop now and I've also begun listing Pugkin Head hats so that people can order now and beat the rush this fall.

I hope that all of you are doing well and are planning to enjoy a nice weekend. Is anyone planning on venturing out into the heat of these summer days?

Well, I am off to read some of everyone else's blogs to catch up on all of your adventures. Tomorrow I will re-open the raffle for the Tumbler Toy, since we only had 2 entries (both very sweet!) I want to give more people the opportunity to enter. Enjoy a lovely day :]

x's & o's


#49 - A New Member of the Family

It has been a few days since I've been on to post about all that JD and I have been up to, but that's because we've been busy making some big decisions. My mum and I have been talking with the rest of the family for awhile now about adopting a second pug. A few days ago my mom decided to look through some adoption profiles and start looking for a dog so that we could adopt one for her as a birthday gift. That's when we stumbled upon this photo:

Mum thought he was very cute. Then I saw his name... "Ringo"! That's when I decided that fate must be knocking on our door and telling us to adopt this dog. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore The Beatles, so the name fit just right. We thought about Ringo for a few days trying to decide how he would adjust and how JD would react to a new addition to the family. In the end, mum decided that this little guy needed a good home and we took the 2 hour drive to Springfield, MA to adopt Ringo from the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society. Ringo is an "old soul" at 8 years old, but he has a great deal of spunk. He already knows some tricks and is a perfect gentleman when it comes to house training. Ringo is a pug but the poor thing is so emaciated that you can see his ribs and spine, but we will fatten him up in no time with our good homecooking :]. He is supposedly a purebred pug but he looks like he may be a mix... it could just be because he is so thin. We aren't quite sure yet.

JD is adjusting and is a bit jealous of Ringo at times, but they seem to get along. Ringo is a bit quiet and not so apt to play as JD is, so they each get plenty of individual attention in different ways. It's only been 24 hours, so they have plenty of time ahead of them to bond. They've already begun modeling together...

I just had to share the exciting news :]

Here are some photos that we've snapped of our new Starr so far:

Asleep on the way home from Springfield.

Ringo's temporary shelter collar.

The little backseat driver.

JD & Ringo waiting for my mum to finish dinner.

JD getting acquainted with his new buddy.

Asleep after a long long day.

x's & o's


#48 - All About JD

Good morning, everyone. It's another scorching hot day here in MA. JD and I thought it would be fun to fill out a little survey today so that everyone who is new to our blog can get to know him a little better.

Full Name: James Dean Furtado-Boutin
Story behind it: I have always thought that James Dean was a handsome actor. I am someone who belongs in the past. I am definitely a 50's and 60's kind of gal, so James Dean fit perfectly for my handsome boy!
Nicknames: JD, Jimmy, Jay
Birthday: November 15, 2007
Adopted: June 23, 2008
Adopted From: The Pug Rescue of New England
Favorite toy: A HUGE white plush squeaking bone that is bigger than he is.
Favorite store: Four Your Paws Only in North Conway, NH and Just Dogs! Gourmet in Newburyport, MA
Favorite park: A huuuuge park on the water in Wakefield, MA
Does he like car rides? JD usually sleeps in the car. He's like a baby- the motion makes him sleepy.
Cool tricks: High-fives, crawling, and he even does a version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance. I will have to tape this some day and prove it!
Cats?: JD wants to play with our cats,but they are old ladies and they do not like him at all.
Dogs?: JD LOVES other dogs, which is why my family just filled out an adoption application and is waiting to hear back from the pug rescue to see if we can adopt a second pug :]
Favorite food: JD loves vegetables. Green beans with rice and natural apple sauce is his favorite meal.
Favorite Treats: JD really enjoys pineapple and organic dog treats from Trader Joe's.
Grooming?: I do all of JD's grooming right here at home. He just had a bath yesterday and is looking lovely today.
Teeth brushing?: JD is not a fan of the teeth brushing. I try... but it is no easy task.
Favorite Accessories: JD loves the hats and neckwarmers that I make and he also looks dapper in his new collar and tie by Punchy. My favorite winter accessory for him is his Paddington Bear style coat.
Has your dog ever won a contest? JD has won more than we ever imagined he would. At the yearly pug social in 2008 he received honorable mention for best wrinkles and his photo and in 2009 he won 1st place for best kisser and best photo. This year we also won the MSPCA's Mother's Day photo contest as well as the Nebraska Pug Rescue calendar contest and the Pets Blogroll pet bowl giveaway. Phew... he's one talented pug!
Favorite Babysitter: JD enjoys spending time with his grandparents. He always stays right here with my mom and dad while I work or have to go out.
Sleeping arrangements: JD slept in a crate for his first year with me, but now I don't like to confine him. The rescue recommended that I do it because he seemed anxious at night when he first got here and they thought a little place of his own might help. Now that he is the king of the house and behaves very well, he loves to hog my bed at night!
Favorite walk: Around the block. It's quiet and cozy.
Favorite sport: Frisbee
How does he feel about the vet: He doesn't seem to mind visiting the vet. He's very good about it.
Is he the best dog ever?: I certainly think so, but all dogs are quite wonderful in their own ways :]


#46 - JD's Baby Buddy

It's been a few days since our last post, but that's because we've been having so much fun. This weekend I had my second training session at the MSPCA shelter and I can't get enough of all of the amazing dogs I meet every time I walk through the doors. Along with volunteering, I've been acquiring all new supplies to make new items for the shop. Above is JD with our new goodie bags that we've just put up in our shop.

The most exciting thing to happen this weekend is that my cousin Bobby is visiting from Hawaii. He, his wife, and their new baby moved to Hawaii a few months ago and they weren't supposed to visit for a long time. Unfortunately, a sick family member is what brought them home, but the blessing in disguise is that we get to see them again! I haven't seen Bobby and his wife Lacy yet, but my aunt did bring 8 month old baby Anthony over for a visit yesterday. He and JD became quick friends.

They meet.

My mum helps them get acquainted.

They fall in love.

They bond.

What cuties!

In other news, we are postponing the raffle for the handmade tumbler toy for one more week since we only had two entries. Hopefully this week a few more people will vie for the prize :] Click here to see how to enter.

x's & o's


#45 - Magnets, Totes, and Postcards Oh My!

Hello Loves! JD & I are stopping in for a quick post today since I have some errands to run before I head to work. We want to introduce you all you our newest products that we are very excited about :]

All You Need Is Pug Cotton Totes

All You Need Is Pug Glossy Postcard Sets

All You Need Is Pug Vinyl Fridge Magnets

I am currently buys at work on several other designs, too. So much to do and so little time!

Don't forget to view my last post and enter to win a Tumbler Toy for your pup! We are also now offering a prize to a second winner which will be a coupon for a free bag of specially formulated dog food just for pugs. Click here to view the post and enter.

x's & o's