#46 - JD's Baby Buddy

It's been a few days since our last post, but that's because we've been having so much fun. This weekend I had my second training session at the MSPCA shelter and I can't get enough of all of the amazing dogs I meet every time I walk through the doors. Along with volunteering, I've been acquiring all new supplies to make new items for the shop. Above is JD with our new goodie bags that we've just put up in our shop.

The most exciting thing to happen this weekend is that my cousin Bobby is visiting from Hawaii. He, his wife, and their new baby moved to Hawaii a few months ago and they weren't supposed to visit for a long time. Unfortunately, a sick family member is what brought them home, but the blessing in disguise is that we get to see them again! I haven't seen Bobby and his wife Lacy yet, but my aunt did bring 8 month old baby Anthony over for a visit yesterday. He and JD became quick friends.

They meet.

My mum helps them get acquainted.

They fall in love.

They bond.

What cuties!

In other news, we are postponing the raffle for the handmade tumbler toy for one more week since we only had two entries. Hopefully this week a few more people will vie for the prize :] Click here to see how to enter.

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Trisha said...

nawwwww, cuties indeed <3