#48 - All About JD

Good morning, everyone. It's another scorching hot day here in MA. JD and I thought it would be fun to fill out a little survey today so that everyone who is new to our blog can get to know him a little better.

Full Name: James Dean Furtado-Boutin
Story behind it: I have always thought that James Dean was a handsome actor. I am someone who belongs in the past. I am definitely a 50's and 60's kind of gal, so James Dean fit perfectly for my handsome boy!
Nicknames: JD, Jimmy, Jay
Birthday: November 15, 2007
Adopted: June 23, 2008
Adopted From: The Pug Rescue of New England
Favorite toy: A HUGE white plush squeaking bone that is bigger than he is.
Favorite store: Four Your Paws Only in North Conway, NH and Just Dogs! Gourmet in Newburyport, MA
Favorite park: A huuuuge park on the water in Wakefield, MA
Does he like car rides? JD usually sleeps in the car. He's like a baby- the motion makes him sleepy.
Cool tricks: High-fives, crawling, and he even does a version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance. I will have to tape this some day and prove it!
Cats?: JD wants to play with our cats,but they are old ladies and they do not like him at all.
Dogs?: JD LOVES other dogs, which is why my family just filled out an adoption application and is waiting to hear back from the pug rescue to see if we can adopt a second pug :]
Favorite food: JD loves vegetables. Green beans with rice and natural apple sauce is his favorite meal.
Favorite Treats: JD really enjoys pineapple and organic dog treats from Trader Joe's.
Grooming?: I do all of JD's grooming right here at home. He just had a bath yesterday and is looking lovely today.
Teeth brushing?: JD is not a fan of the teeth brushing. I try... but it is no easy task.
Favorite Accessories: JD loves the hats and neckwarmers that I make and he also looks dapper in his new collar and tie by Punchy. My favorite winter accessory for him is his Paddington Bear style coat.
Has your dog ever won a contest? JD has won more than we ever imagined he would. At the yearly pug social in 2008 he received honorable mention for best wrinkles and his photo and in 2009 he won 1st place for best kisser and best photo. This year we also won the MSPCA's Mother's Day photo contest as well as the Nebraska Pug Rescue calendar contest and the Pets Blogroll pet bowl giveaway. Phew... he's one talented pug!
Favorite Babysitter: JD enjoys spending time with his grandparents. He always stays right here with my mom and dad while I work or have to go out.
Sleeping arrangements: JD slept in a crate for his first year with me, but now I don't like to confine him. The rescue recommended that I do it because he seemed anxious at night when he first got here and they thought a little place of his own might help. Now that he is the king of the house and behaves very well, he loves to hog my bed at night!
Favorite walk: Around the block. It's quiet and cozy.
Favorite sport: Frisbee
How does he feel about the vet: He doesn't seem to mind visiting the vet. He's very good about it.
Is he the best dog ever?: I certainly think so, but all dogs are quite wonderful in their own ways :]


Hank said...

Wow, JD is quite the dog!

Glad you two found each other!

Pili said...

Lovely JD!

He's lucky he's found a great home with you, and you're lucky you've got such an amazing furbaby!

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Jess and JD!

Daisy and I loved reading about JD!
This is a great photo of him.
He is such a sexy man pug!

We hope you are having a
great week!

-Dana & Daisy

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

I sure hope that JD soon will have a sibling. How exciting! We Slimmer Puggums have a lot of siblings and the more the merrier. Loved learning about JD.
Licks you Later JD,
-The Slimmer Puggums
Pee-S: Mom watched "It's me or the Dog" today and found out that one of our favorite fruits and JDs, the pineapple, is supposed to keep Poopie-eating dogs from eating poop...something in the pineapple is a detterent. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! JD is very talented :)

Punchbugpug said...

JD is one lucky guy! We hope he gets a sibling soon to join him in his lucky, wonderful life!!!

PS Got my package today! Had NO idea you gave us a plug!!! Thanks!!!!!