#55 - Guardians of Being

The pups and I wanted to share a book that we read recently. While shelving at the library, I came across the book "Guardians of Being" by Eckhart Tolle. I noticed that it was illustrated by Patrick McDonnell, the illustrator of the adorable Mutts comics. I read the book and immediately fell in love with the way that the illustrations, the thoughts, and the concepts come together to create so much unity between people, nature, and animals. It's little things like this book that make day worth while. We highly recommend that you find a copy of this book, curl up, and get ready for a warm heart and sweet smile.

I also want to show off this new print that I just finished. It is a collage print that I made with some of my photography, an old illustration that I colorized, and a bit of scrapbook paper from my stash. I love the way it came out! As soon as my scanner is back up and running this print will be available in my shop along with note cards that feature this print. The colors are more vibrant than the photo shows and the print doesn't have my logo, so it looks much better in person. JD is quite a prince, don't you think?

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p.s. - Here are a few etsy treasuries that featured us this week!

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Archie and Melissa said...

hi jess!
oh what a wonderful post and your recipe looks delicious!
we love all of the treasuries and the book too.

looks like we have some shopping and baking to dao today!


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