#72 - Jessica's 20th Birthday Blog Party

Welcome one and all to my 20th birthday blog bash! We loved seeing so many of our guest's photos in our inbox and we've baked up a batch of fabulous pupcakes for you all!

You all look sweet enough to eat! Don't worry if you didn't arrive early. You can still e-mail your photos to us at jessica@allyouneedispug.com and we will make a pupcake for you and add it to our guest list :]

You can all feel free to take your cupcakes home with you and post them on your own blogs if you'd like.

We're glad you're all here because we have presents to share and we're itching to give them away! We love presents, so we want to share the fun with all of our friends. There will be one present for pooches and one for humans. Our pooch present is a fabulous handmade tumbler toy:

And our giveaway for pet parents is a set of "All You Need Is Pug" postcards from our shop:

All you have to do is leave a comment and you are automatically entered to win. We will draw the winner on Friday afternoon, so even late guests can get in on the fun!

Thank you all for coming to celebrate my 20th birthday with me! We hope you enjoyed your tasty pupcakes and we wish you all the best of luck in winning our birthday prizes :]

x's & o's


#71 - Sweet Sheltie

We just had to share this fantastic customer photo! Meet Smudge the Shetland Sheepdog. This hat is part of his halloween costume and we think that he looks sweet as candy!

Here are a few more of our recent customer photos:



We are already so excited for tomorrow! We had fun opening our e-mail today and seeing our blog party guests sending in photos for tomorrows "Pupcakes". Thanks to Heather for making me smile by calling the cupcakes "Pupcakes", since I hadn't even thought of that!

We are off to knit some hats and get ready for tomorrow's fun festivities. See you all at the party :]

x's & o's


#70 - National Dog Week

Hello love-pugs! I hope that everyone is having a lovely week, especially since it is National Dog Week. I am thrilled that my 20th birthday falls smack-dab-in-the-middle of this fabulous celebration of canines! Since there is so much to be happy about, we want to invite you all to do something special. In honor of my birthday we will be having "Canine Cupcakes" during this Wednesday's blog. They will look like JD's cupcake pictured above.

We want all of our animal friends to join whether they be dogs, cats, birds, or any other living being. Send us your pets' photos via a comment or via e-mail to jessica@allyouneedispug.com and we will make a cupcake for each pet and post it on Wednesday's blog!

We will also be giving away 2 surprise items on Wednesday; one for humans and one for pets. All you have to do is come by on Wednesday and leave a comment to be entered to win, so don't forget to come on by!

Lastly, we want to make sure that we make this week as special as can be, so we added a "SALE" section to our Etsy shop where you can find discounted goodies. We will be adding new items to it throughout the week, so keep checking in!

We hope to see you all at my Blog Birthday Party on Wednesday. Don't forget to send your photos in so that I can bake up a charming batch of Canine Cupcakes to share!

x's & o's


#69 - The Peace that is Pugs

"True happiness is found in simple, seemingly unremarkable things"
~Eckhart Tolle~

Ringo and JD find their happiness in one another. It makes me smile to see that they fell asleep a bit in the shape of a yin-yang, which shows just how much harmony exists between them. What little things make all of your days extraordinary?

x's & o's


#68 - Selling and Strutting for Animals

It's been a few days since we've last written, but we've received many orders and had so much fun getting into fall that we haven't been online much. We got over 20 orders during the last week or so, which is exciting! Our shop is ever growing and I am thrilled to see it is being recognized.

We hope that you all are well and getting ready for fall. This is our favorite season, so you can expect us to share lots of photos from the adventures that we have planned.

A week from tomorrow (Sept. 29) is my 20th birthday. My mum is not too happy that I will be leaving my teen years, because it confirms that I am, indeed, an adult. Please come by next Tuesday to celebrate with us! We'll be having a little blog party and there will be some special prizes to win :]

Now here is an update on what we've been up to while we've been away:

The Bradford Pet Fair - September 11

There's mum getting ready for a fun day of vending.

There I am with a basket of hats.

Me manning the table bright and early in the morning.

That is my "yes, I sell dog hats.... and yes, I am serious" smile :]

Mum sets up some of our display.

Mum shows off a Pugkin Head Hat.

Our banner.

Our table mascots courtesy of Bulger Animal Hospital.

Sparticus the ten week old French Bulldog got a hat to gear up for his first autumn in new England. He is too cute for words!

Lovely Lola tries a hat on.

Miles loved relaxing in his Red Sox hat.

Another english bulldog enjoying in his hat.

This tortoise, Mater, was our neighbor at the fair. She is 35 lbs. and only 3 years old. She could live to be up to 250 years old!

The MSPCA Walk for Animals - September 12

JD meets a pretty pug named Maya.

Maya looks so pretty!

Some handsome pigs. I want to go in and snuggle them.

Mycroft the dachshund looks handsome in his sweater.

Jer's sister, Sofia, loved playing with JD and Ringo.

JD poses with his dad, Jeremy. I love my handsome boys!

We had a great time last weekend at these events. Our Walk for Animals team, "Rebels With a Cause" raised a final total of $380. Thank you to our friends who donated! The Methuen walk brought in nearly $70,000 for the rescue shelter!

We hope you all have a fabulous week. What are you all up to, loves?

x's & o's


#67 - Fall Snugglies

Oh boy, it seems like so long since we've last written! The first two weeks of school have kept me so busy. I am also applying to transfer colleges and I have been preparing to vend at the Blessing of the Pets. If you live in New England, stop by the Bradford Common in Bradford, MA tomorrow to visit my first ever vending event! I hope it goes well. I am very excited and plan to take a lot of photos to share with all of you.

JD is super happy because he saw that this arrived in yesterday's mail:

It's a custom made sweater that was made for JD by our friend Melissa from Pug Notes! JD looks so fabulous in his sweet vest.

Melissa, you did such a beautiful job! JD is already in love with his vest and will wear it often as the weather here continues to get colder.

This weekened is a busy one. After tomorrow's Blessing of the Pets, I am walking at the MSPCA benefit "The Walk for Animals" on Sunday and I also will be going to my little cousins 5th birthday. JD and Ringo are looking forward to attending all of these events with me and we will share all of our fun stories and photos with you soon!

What are all of our friends up to this weekend? Leave a comment and let us know what exciting adventures you have planned :]

x's & o's


#66 - RAWR!

JD, Ringo, and I have been so busy preparing for next weekend's "Blessing of the Pets". If you live in New England, please come by and say hello! We will be at Bradford Common in Haverhill, Massachusetts from 9am-4pm on September 11th vending at our first event. I am so excited and I hope that everything goes well and that I get to meet many sweet little cuties.

We hope that you all have a nice long weekend! The boys and I will be crafting, doing homework, and working on filling out my transfer application. I am hoping that my 4.0 GPA will get me a scholarship to Merrimack College so that I can have a shorter commute and get more involved in campus life. I know JD and Ringo would love this change so that I would be home more often during the school year.

In other news, the Cape Cod MSPCA had to evacuate thanks to Hurricane Earl, so I will probably be putting in some extra volunteer work at the Methuen shelter, since they took in many of the animals from the Cape. I am glad that they'll all be safe here away from the roaring tides and stormy weather!

It's going to be one busy weekend! Do any of you have special plans for Labor Day? We'd love to hear :]

x's & o's