#66 - RAWR!

JD, Ringo, and I have been so busy preparing for next weekend's "Blessing of the Pets". If you live in New England, please come by and say hello! We will be at Bradford Common in Haverhill, Massachusetts from 9am-4pm on September 11th vending at our first event. I am so excited and I hope that everything goes well and that I get to meet many sweet little cuties.

We hope that you all have a nice long weekend! The boys and I will be crafting, doing homework, and working on filling out my transfer application. I am hoping that my 4.0 GPA will get me a scholarship to Merrimack College so that I can have a shorter commute and get more involved in campus life. I know JD and Ringo would love this change so that I would be home more often during the school year.

In other news, the Cape Cod MSPCA had to evacuate thanks to Hurricane Earl, so I will probably be putting in some extra volunteer work at the Methuen shelter, since they took in many of the animals from the Cape. I am glad that they'll all be safe here away from the roaring tides and stormy weather!

It's going to be one busy weekend! Do any of you have special plans for Labor Day? We'd love to hear :]

x's & o's


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I have been worried about all the sea creatures in the ocean and sky during this stormy time. I also worry about all the animals in the pastures and fields who get scared when the big wind blows. I am happy that you are helping.
I will be getting togehter with some bloggy friends that live in California and Washington, They are driving to Oregon to see me. I met them for the first time in May. Meeting people that you have boned with throught the bloggy world is so cool. Can I meet you sometime?

Mary at Marby Bulldogs said...

Stay safe!!

mary and the four paws