#73- Winners, Winners, Everywhere!

We are very excited today because we have just been notified that we won the PetsDirect.co.uk Unique Website Award! This is quite an honor and our first ever official award. Thank you to John who chose us as the award recipients.

I had a lovely birthday thanks to all of you and my wonderful family and friends. I am now happy to announce the winners of our birthday giveaways!

The winner of the tumbler toy is Klaus and Natty of Two Pugs in a Pod!

And our set of pug postcards will be going to Tweedles & her mums!

Yay for our winners! If you will please e-mail us with your addresses, we will get your presents to you ASAP :]

And here are a few more pupcakes that we baked up for our guests:

Thank you to every single one of our guests and everyone who supports us and makes our business possible!

In other news, I just received my acceptance to transfer to Merrimack College, which is FANTASTIC! Could this week get any better?

Let us know how all of your weeks are going. We'd love to hear :]

x's & o's


Noodles said...

Hi Jessica, I am glad your birthday and birthday was such a success. My Mommy #1 had a birthday too on Wednesday, September 29. But she didn't have such a great week (I wrote about it on my blog). BUT she had the bestest birthday party ever at iFly SFBay. She was really FLYING! So cool.
Love Noodles

Pili said...

Big congratulations on all the good news!!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi jess!
yay for klaus, natty and tweedles!

they are so lucky to have won your give away and wilma, brigitte, sluggo and mitzu look so cute as cupcakes!

congratulations on your award and your transfer!

we are so excited for you!

m & e

zenmasterlars said...

Yay to the winners!!! Mitzu pug loves her cupcake so much! Wilma, Brigette, and Sluggo look awesome too :) so cute! Congrats on the award :)

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

This sounds great! Congrads to all the great news this week!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Jessica
Congratulations on your awsome Award! That is the coolest ever!
Your birthday party has been so much fun, and my mums and I are so happy to have won your special pug post cards. Your are a magical artist and we feel honored to have some of your cards... and one of these days,,,, I will have one of your hats,,, but what color???
maybe Emmitt would know what color..
Thank you so much,, thank you for helping all the doggies in the world.... and Happy Birthdays

Wilma said...

Great news for everybody. Congrats Natty and Klaus, and Tweedles too. We just love our cupcake. We are gonna take it right home and savor it on our blog. Congratulations on your award, what and honor. On your transfer too!

Wilma said...

Hey, I just noticed, you and I are right next to each other on the pets blogroll random blog list. How cool is that?