#74 - Get Ready for a Pug Party!

This Sunday, October 10, All You Need Is Pug will be vending at thePUG SOCIAL in Spencer, MA! This awesome event raises money for the Pug Rescue of New England, who helped me to meet the love of my life: James Dean. The above photo is of James Dean, Jeremy, and myself as guests at last year's social.

If you're not too far away, please stop by our table, say hello, meet myself, JD, Ringo, and our family, and participate in some crazy events including the costume parade, fastest runner contest, and many many more. Last year JD won first prize for Best Kisser and Cutest Photo, so we'll see how he does this year. Events start around 11:30. You can get all of the info. that you may need at PRoNE's website. You can also click here to download a flyer and read all about the events, raffles, and other exciting adventures that will take place. This is PRoNE's biggest yearly fundraiser to help raise money for special rescue pugs who need medical care.

JD went to his first Pug Social the year that we got him in 2008. Here are some of his fun photos from his first social:

JD in the car on the way to his first puppy event.

JD (right) meets a twin pug. It's like looking in a mirror!

JD and I when were were youngins. We've grown up a lot in 2 years!

Baffled by the concept of a gate.

Showing off his 2 "honorable mention" medals for "most wrinkles" and "cutest photo". These were his first 2 awards ever.

My fat little bumble bee in all of his cuteness and glory.

This year we will be bringing not only our camera, cash, and competitive natures, but also our hats, neck warmers, doy toys, stationary, and more! We will also be taking photos of pooches in their new accessories to share later on the website and blog, so don't miss our table. We hope to see some of you there :]

x's & o's


Pili said...

I hope the event will go great, and I'm sure JD will win many awards again, he's so cute!

Minnie Moo said...

Good luck, can't wait to see pictures!

Alycia said...

ohh so cute! i love taking cy to pug meetups where theres over 20 pugs and he gets lost in the mix lol

Wilma said...

We'll be there! We will be sure to sniff you out!

JJ Lynne said...

Wilma we cannot wait to meet you and your family of pugs!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Jessica and JD,
Our beautiful cards came today! Thank you soooo much.... i cannot tell you how much we love them!
I wish I could come to your celebration on Sunday,,, but I am so far away. But we would have so much fun.
You are so lucky you get to meet Wilma, and we wish you and JD lots of luck.
This is all for such a good cause,, and its fun too,

Archie and Melissa said...

hi jess, jd and ringo!
oh emmitt and i so wish we could come and see you!
have a fabulous day!
we know you are going to sell out!
we cannot wait to see all of your pictures!
m & e

Oskar said...

What great pictures. It sounds like a fun time!

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Nubbin wiggles,

Unknown said...

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woof ya later~

Natalie and my pugs said...

It's really helpful to have social activities such as this. Not only that we gain friends but our pugs learn how to socialize and act in front of other dogs and people as well.