#75 -2010 Pug Social

We're busy busy busy as always, but had to stop in and share our Pug Social adventures with all of you! We had so much fun meeting hundreds of pugs and their families. We usually take more photos than we can count, but we were so busy vending that we didn't take many this year. We sold about 2/3 of the items that we brought with us, which is exciting and incredible! All of the items that didn't sell are now for sale as "ready to ship" items in our shop.

At the social we were lucky enough to meet Wilma, Sluggo, and Brigitte from Wilma's blog! They were all so sweet, especially Sluggo who looked so handsome in this photo that his mom took of him in one of our Pugkin Head hats:

You should definitely read Wilma's post about the Pug Social, because her mom got tooonnnns of photos from the event. Thank goodness, since we missed out on a lot of the fun while we were busy with our little customers! Wilma's, Brigitte's, and Sluggo's parents were also very nice and it was such a pleasure to meet them and their pug babies :]

There are more awesome photos of Sluggo and his sisters below along with some other shots that we took at the event.

Pug Social - Oct. 10, 2010

Our stuffed mini-mascot.

A happy customer.

Ringo wore his hat alll day long to show people how cute he was so that they'd want their pugs to be extra cute, too! He loves his hat and even fell asleep wearing it.

A little gal trying on our new Breast Cancer Awareness hat.

Myself and James Dean got all snuggly!

Smiling in the sun... which eventually resulted in October sunburns. Ouch!

Jeremy and Ringo relaxing.

How exciting! It's Sluggo, James Dean, Wilma, and Brigitte finally getting to meet one another :]

Sluggo is such a handsome little charmer and a great kisser!

Brigitte hung out in her stroller for a moment or two, but she wasn't about to let her brother and sister have all the fun without her, so she soon got down to join in the fun, too.

And here's the fabulous Wilma herself. She was just as sweet and lovely in person as she is on her blog!

Sluggo and James Dean: the two boys sticking together... and possibly plotting against the girls? Boys will be boys!

Sluggo models our candy corn neck warmer, which is now a "ready to ship" item in our shop.

The boys were exhausted after a looooong day of meeting, greeting, selling, and having fun.

JD walked away with 2nd prize for Best Photo and Ringo won honorable mention for the same award. I am so proud of these two charming and lovable boys who inspire me to do what I do every day :]

We can't wait until next year already! Now we have several orders to get working on since the social introduced us to dozens of new people who want some hats for their pooches. We also are excited to get baking for the Fall Festival at the MSPCA next weekend that we volunteered to bake some treats for. Yum!

We hope you all have a fabulous weekend! What are all of you cutie-patooties up to?

x's & o's


Wilma said...

Hi Jessica,
I just love all the pictures you took at the Social. That last one of JD and Ringo is very telling. They just look as exhausted as we were at the end of that great day. I am so happy for you that your beautiful items sold so well. No surprise they did. I can't wait for Mom to order mine. It was great meeting you and maybe we will run into each other again before next year. I sure hope so.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

It would have been so fun to be with all of you. I saw all of Wilma's photos and it looked like so much fun.
Since, all I have is dial up,,, I am waiting for all of your photos to get to my computer , so I can see!
I hope you received something from me in the mail

Kitty+Coco said...

Your merchandise looked awesome! Gosh, you guys got to meet blog royalty too. What a weekend. We get to go to Pugs and Pumpkins event here in Alabama next weekend. Very excited.

Kitty and Coco

Archie and Melissa said...

hi jess, jd and ringo!
oh what a fabulous day!
how wonderful that you got to meet wilma, sluggo and brigitte!
emmitt & i so wish we could have come too!
your table is wonderful and we are so happy you had such a sucessful day!
m & e