#84 - Give Thanks and Be Merry

My goodness it feels like ages since we've written! We have had so many holiday orders that we've been neglecting our friends here at the blog, which is not acceptable. We do apologize and hope that you are all well.

Did you all stuff yourself with tasty goodies for Thanksgiving? James Dean, Ringo, and I sure did!

Here is a list of what we are thankful for:

Jessica: family, pets, friends, animals, the MSPCA, art, music, a warm house, books, and my scholarship to Merrimack that will allow me to quit my job and take All You Need Is Pug & college classes full time!

James Dean: family, his girlfriend Molly, organic treats from Trader Joes, raw green beans, fleece tag blankets, cozy sweaters, and silly hats.

Ringo: family, neighbors who feed him snacks, Mr. Pugsley's peanut butter snacks, the big armchair that he loves to curl up in, and neck warmers.

And of course, all three of us are thankful for all of you: our readers! We also are thankful for the amazing customers who purchase form our shop and allow us to do what we love each day.

What are all of you thankful for?

We'll leave you to think about it and drop us some comments. But before we do, here are some of the fabulous new gift items you can find in our shop!

Handmade Tumbler Toys in 4 New Colors!

William Puspeare Postcard Set

Black Cat Postcard Set

Pouty Pug Postcard Set

Vintage Sheet Music Prints

You can see these and other fabulous gift items in our etsy shop.

We will be opening our website shop soon and would like to get some feedback from all of you. If there are any new items you'd like to see us create, please let us know! After the holidays we will be adding all new products to the shop and would love to hear from you about what you'd like us to offer :]

x's & o's

1 comment:

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I love reading all your thankfulness. And I am so happy for you,, for all the new things that will be in your shop. We will go take a look around.
We have missed you a lot.... but it seems somehow I got lost too.
I am loving my hat that you made for me. Did you get the photos that I sent to you of me wearing my new hat? It keeps my head so warm... I saw photos of some of my friends that have the awsome hats!