#88 - Holidays and Snow Storms

Hello everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday. We surely did! We are also currently buried under nearly 2 feet of snow thanks to the nor'easter that hit New England from Sunday to Monday. Yesterday we spent the day shoveling and discovered how much JD and Ringo do not like the snow. JD has already been here with me for two winters, so I was already aware of his utter hatred for the cold, wet slush that graces us through the winter. I wasn't sure how Ringo would react because I am not sure that he has ever seen snow before now. Ringo lived his entire life in the south before being surrendered and sent to Springfield, MA, where my family rescued him. This is his very first New England winter, and, well... he, too, hates the snow! Both JD and Ringo immediately do their business and bolt for the door. Though they appear to be longing for spring, I did catch JD sneaking a few licks of fresh white snow, and Ringo does enjoy kicking a good snow cloud up in JD's face, so maybe they will learn to love it.

Here are some of our holiday and snow day photos for you to take a peak at:

What did all of you do for your holidays? Do you have your New Year's resolution thought out? Make sure to visit us again on New Year's Eve to hear all about what JD and Ringo have planned for the New Year!

x's & o's


Wilma said...

You guys look great! Glad to hear you are enjoying the holidays, if not the snow.

Sandy said...

You guys had a grand Christmas. I love seeing you all by the Christmas tree...sure is pretty. Too much snow up there for us...we would freeze!!!