#123 - Off to Hogwarts

Who's that dapper pug who just hopped off of the Hogwart's Express? Oh my! I believe it's Ringo. And it looks like he's been accepted at Gryffindor house!

Fortunately, his brother James Dean is also a member of Gryffindor. At least we won't have to worry about a rivalry between them.

From what the boys tell me, they are already becoming great friends with a ch arming Mr. Harry Potter and his mischievous mates. Let's hope that they send us some lovely postcards through the Owl Post this fall!

Which Hogwarts House are you a member of? If you want to show off your house colors with a scarf, too, these knits are the newest in our line of dog accessories. You can peak at them in our magical little shop.

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#122 - Quick & Craveable Peanut Butter Cookies

Hurricane Irene became "tropical storm Irene" before it reached us, so we are very lucky that we didn't have any damage! A few of our friends are still without power and there are some who have a few missing shingles, some fallen branches, and other minor issues, but fortunately most of our friends were not affected. We hope that all of you were able to stay safe, too!

When it's stormy outside, we always love to sit and munch on homemade snacks. Today, we thought that we'd share one of our favorite recipes. This quick, easy cookie is safe for both humans and puppies, and it tastes so delicious that people will demand the recipe from you. And the best part is, you can make a batch in about 5 minutes and enjoy them immediately. Instant gratification... what could be better?

Quick & Craveable Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup rolled oats (whole oats, not quick oats)
1/2 cup dates
1/2 cup honey
1 cup peanut butter (or almond butter for sweeter cookies)
1/2 cup carob chips

- Process the oats in food processor until finely ground.
- Add dates to the food processor and process until ground and mixed well with the oats.
- Add the honey and peanut butter. Process until the mixture starts to stick together and has a texture that is thick and able to be molded. If the mix seems too crumbly, add more honey until it sticks well.
- Stir in your carob chips by hand with a spoon.
- Take small chunks of the mix into your palm. Roll the chunks into golf-ball sized clumps and flatten each to create your cookie.
- Store in a closed container with foil or waxed paper on the bottom, to prevent sticking. They will keep for 4 days without refrigeration, up to 10 days in the fridge, and even longer if frozen.

Whenever I make these cookies they only last about 3 days before everyone in the house, JD and Ringo included, has devoured them! Go ahead and make a batch, relax, and enjoy a lovely day.

x's & o's


#121 - Hurricanes and Sleepy Days

Hurricane Irene is going to hit some places much harder than others, but no matter where you are, remember to bring your pets inside. Pups left outdoors risk major injury and will likely be scared by the stormy weather, so keep them in, snuggle up, and watch the rain from the safety of your homes!

We plan on waiting out the weather by watching 'I Love Lucy' re-runs and Bing Crosby flicks with a batch or two of popcorn. How will you pass the time while the storm rolls through?

Looks like JD and Ringo will be counting sheep!

x's & o's


#120 - JD the Flying Wonder

JD looks serious as he prepares for his first secret mission as an aviator. He must parachute down into an unknown land in order to steal back snacks that have been stolen from him and his poochie friends.

Fortunately, JD is very brave and has a specific plan of action. With the help of his spiffy goggles and protective headgear, he is sure to be successful!

Would you like to be JD's copilot today?

x's & o's


#119 - Our Friend, Lily

Meet our new friend, Lily. She is a beautiful puppy who is barely 3 months old and is a mix between a beagle and a golden lab.

Isn't she lovely? She moved in across the street from us last week. Our neighbors, who love animals very much, lost their beagle, Sprint, last year to old age. JD and Ringo were sad, too, because Sprint was their best friend. He was over 15 years old and they were devastated when they had to make the decision to put him to sleep due to his failing health and suffering. But now they have this new ball of fur and joy in their lives! I think Sprint must have sent Lily to them so that they could always remember him, but still help another rescue dog in need.

It appears that Lily and JD are already falling in love. We will have to keep an eye on this budding romance.

Lily loves to visit Ringo and JD in our yard. They even garden, inspecting the tomato plants and digging in the corners to be sure that everything is in order.

After gardening and playing, everyone relaxes in the shade. I think JD is about ready to sneak a kiss before Lily heads home for lunch. Ooooh puppy love!

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#118 - Customer Close-up - Lil Smug Pug

What's the biggest perk about having a job as a fashioner of dog hats?
Receiving photos of my furry, little clients!
Nothing puts a bigger smile on my lips than receiving e-mails full
of pictures of pugs and other pets in our hats.

This little darling from the Lil Smug Pug blog is one adorable koala in her pug hat! We love that she is here commiserating with her panda and getting ready for a bear hug.

She seems to be saying "I am Koala, see me snuggle!"

Please stop in at Flora's blog (the pug's momma), to read all about the Lil Smug Pug and see many more photos of her in our hat.

Also, we remind you that your pooch could be the next Customer Close-up on our blog! If you have any of our items, whether it be hats, neck warmers, art work, cards, etc. simply take photos of your pets with our items and send them in. We would love to hear about and blog about your fur-babies! You can send all photos and blurbs to jessica@allyouneedispug.com and be sure to tell us all about your pets so that we can brag about them for you.

Have a lovely weekend!

x's & o's


#117 - Waiting for Fall

JD's favorite season is fall, and so is mine. Though we aren't trilled about college classes, exams, and ten page research papers, we can't wait for pumpkins, apple crisp, and hay rides!

We are so excited for the beautiful foliage and cool breezes, that we don't even mind if we have to rake... as long as there is hot apple and cinnamon cider waiting for us when we're through.

What's your favorite thing about autumn?

x's & o's


#116 - Windows

Where ever I am I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else.
~ Angelina Jolie ~

JD wishes that he were at the beach, roaming in the sand. Where would you like to be today?


#115 - Panda Invasion

Oh my goodness! Hide your bamboo! It's a panda on the prowl.

He is heading right toward you and is ready to attack with kisses and and snorts.

And he has two faces!

What a crazy creature to encounter in our own backyard. It's too bad J.D. was nowhere to be found. He would have loved to meet this little beast. Now, where is that little pug?....


#114 - BatPug - The Next Great Super Hero

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BatPug!

A few months ago, we unleashed our "Black Cat" hat, which soon developed many names. Reminding us of a creature from "Where the Wild Things Are", we soon made the connection between the children's classic and our hat. Then when we revealed our hat on Facebook, our friends couldn't believe how much it resembled Batman's famous headgear.

Yesterday our wonderful friends Melissa and Archie listed all new sweaters from their Super Hero Collection, including this snuggly Batman sweater! We can't help but to think how fantastic our creations would look together. What an amazing costume that would be for Halloween this year. JD is especially keen on this idea :]

Please visit Melissa's wonderful etsy shop for dozens of creative sweaters as well as her charming doggy artwork. For a dose of her adorable pug puppy, Archie, head over to their blog for posts on Melissa and Archie's exciting adventures!


#113 - On the Home Front

We were so excited to see our ladybug neck warmer on etsy's home page yesterday evening! James Dean smiled from ear to ear :]


#112 - Ringo's 1st Gotcha Day!

We adopted this handsome, old chap exactly one year ago today! When we saw his photo online on a rescue website, we fell in love with his big eyes and gray snout that show his wisdom and experience. At 8 years old, it looked as though Ringo would be stuck at the shelter, and we knew that with a name like "Ringo", he had to be a part of our family (since we are huge Beatles fans)!

He was only 12 lbs. when we got him, completely malnourished and starved. He was a bit skittish and would eat anything that seemed remotely edible. Now Ringo weighs in at a healthy 20 lbs. and enjoys every day with my family. He eats only healthy foods, with an occasional yummy treat, and often plays with his favorite stuffed octopus. He loves to curl up in the corner of the couch in the cutest little ball and is a warm bundle when he lays across your lap. He is especially attached to my mother, since he is more her dog while JD is mine, but the entire family adores him and his caterpillar-like eyebrows.

Ringo turned 9 years old just 3 days ago on July 7 - the same day as the real Ringo Starr. How cool is that coincidence?

Thank you, Ringo, for joining our family!

x's & o's


#111 - Diary of a Pug

I've been having a blast making handmade journals for Literary Luxe. I print all of the designs and filler paper right here in my work space and I cut each journal to the perfect size. I use these myself, especially on the go and in my college classes.

One day, while making a dozen journals, JD came over and plunked down on top of my cutting mat and stared at me with his huge, brown eyes. It was clear that he wanted to be a part of my paper working, so I decided to bring all new dog journals to the All You Need Is Pug shop! Each journal is one of a kind, as I have so many papers and binding threads that no two journals will ever have the same color combination.

I hope that many animal lovers will adopt my journals and use them for daily jots, inspiration, and collecting their special thoughts!

What do you write when you keep a journal?

x's & o's


#110 - Coupon Time

Because we love our blog readers, facebook fans, and twitter followers, we are giving all you 10% OFF of our ENTIRE shop for one day only to celebrate the 4th! Enter the coupon code "FIREWORKS" at checkout to receive the discount.

Enjoy a lovely day full of cook-outs, face paint, and sparklers :]

x's & o's


#109 - Red, White, and Pug

We hope that you enjoy a thrilling, safe 4th of July weekend. Please remember that though fireworks and sparklers are beautiful, puggies and other pets do not appreciate the noise. It gives them anxiety and makes them sad, so it is best to leave them home while out on your adventures. Of course, you must bring them home a frozen treat or a veggie burger to let them celebrate, too, and it can't hurt to let them watch the fireworks and Boston Pops on TV. They will appreciate it!

What are your holiday plans? We'd love to hear, so comment and share with us!


#108 - Summer Reading

We don't want you to think that we forgot about all of our friends again, because we have been thinking of each and every one of you! Unfortunately my Nana (JD's great grandmother), passed away two weeks ago and we are just getting back into the swing of everyday life. She lived with my family or 8 years and each day certainly won't be the same without her, but she will always be in our hearts.

We don't want this to be a sad entry, though, because we are celebrating her life and enjoying the deliciousness of summer breezes and long sunlit hours. We have been devouring book after book, and since JD is such a literate pug (Ringo prefers TV versions of books to the stories themselves, you see) he thought that we would share our summer reading list with you!


"Just Kids" - Patti Smith (our favorite so far! a must read for any artist.)
"White Oleander" - Janet Fitch (the book and movie are equally enticing)
"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (JD's personal favorite. He believes that he is Watson)
"The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath" (because she is our favorite poet)
"The Time Traveler's Wife" - Audrey Niffenegger (beautifully written and a timeless but odd love story that is romantic but not at all cheesy)
"If There is Something to Desire: 100 Poems" - Vera Pavlova (poems originally in Russian, but translated into English by her husband. Beautifully simple and provoking.)

Coming up in July:
"Stardust" - Neil Gaiman
"Olive Twist" - Charles Dickens
"Peter Pan" - J.M. Barrie
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" - Oscar Wilde
"Wonderful Tonight" - Patti Boyd
"Maggie Now" - Betty Smith
"A Room with a View" - E.M. Forster

What's on your summer reading list?

x's & o's


#107 - JD's 3rd Anniversary

Three years ago today a handsome little pug named Reggie was at a foster home in Mansfield, MA. He was only 7 months old and had been surrendered by his family because he was too energetic and needy for their busy schedules. As I sat on the foster mum's couch, Reggie hopped up beside me and immediately bit my hand in a playful way, as if inviting me to be his new friend. He was the feistiest pug that I had ever met, and it was his incomparable spunk that caused me to become immediately enamored with his squishy face, buggy eyes, and tireless energy.

Reggie was a mere pup and barely knew his name. He didn't look or act like a "Reggie"... it seemed to fall short because it couldn't hold the same enthusiasm and character that he embodied. I decided to name him James Dean because he was the littlest rebel in the rescue and he certainly was handsome, too. He snuggled up on my lap and slept for the entire 2 hour car ride home, and his warm fur felt so soft as it glided through my fingertips.

James Dean was nicknamed JD or Jimmy, which have become the two names that we most often refer to him as. He came into my family's home and turned it upside down with his playful antics. His first night, he kept me awake the entire night - roaming, smelling, rolling in the blankets. We slept for an hour or two at the most, and at first, I had a moment of panic. I had just graduated high school and taking care of JD felt like caring for a baby. He was so innocent and unlearned because he hadn't been trained, so we worked on house breaking and developing a schedule, and soon we fell into one another's patterns and schedules.

On his second night, he slept in a crate. We crated JD for a few months so that he would get used to sleeping at certain hours and learning when to relax for quiet time. He hadn't gone to the bathroom since he arrived, due to his nerves, so he left a messy present in his cage. When I woke up and turned to the crate to let him out, he had little smudges of poop all over his fur. It sounds completely gross and the poor little fellow looked mortified, as though he expected me to yell. Instead, I couldn't help but to laugh. He looked so sweet and confused with his big, brown eyes and his apologetic frown. I scooped him up, gave him his first bath, and after that he never had an accident again because he learned to tell me when he had to go. This memory always makes me laugh, especially when I think of how well behaved and mature he is now.
3 years ago I met a little man who changed my life. He now sits by my side, glancing at me from time to time as he dozes in and out of sleep. I can't help but to feel lucky every time I feel that wet, little nose against my cheek.

We are so glad that you stopped in to read all about JD's anniversary and his first days in my life. How were your first days with new pets? Tell us your stories in our comments box. We would love to read them!

x's & o's


#106 - Outside

"Earth laughs in flowers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

JD wants you all you all to get outside and enjoy the fresh air this weekend. Do any of you have special plans? We'd love to hear all about what you'll be up to during this first weekend of June!

x's & o's


#105 - Dog Neck Warmer Giveaway

James Dean and Ringo love a good, long weekend because it usually means more walks and extra visitors at the house to snuggle and play with. We know how wonderful it is to curl with with a good book or to spend a few relaxing hours outdoors with friends and family. Since we anticipate a lovely kick-off to our summer, we would like to kick yours off, too!

We are giving away a custom neck warmer for dogs over on our Facebook page to bring a bit of fun to your weekend festivities. To enter, simply "like" the status about this giveaway. If you don't have facebook and would like to enter, please send us an e-mail at jessica@allyouneedispug.com with your name so that we can contact you if you win. Enter by Monday night and we will notify the winner on Tuesday morning.

Good luck, everyone!

x's & o's


#104 - In the Works

Good morning, lovely friends! It has been a long time since we have written and we have missed yo all very much. We have been hard at work making all new things to share with you. JD and Ringo have been busy playing the days away while I was finishing up the first semester of my junior year in college. It was a long but interesting semester, and I am glad to have more time now so that I can share our stories with all of you again!

We are brewing dozens of new ideas for toys, cards, prints, and even new hat designs. With the summer coming, you can also expect to read all about JD's and Ringo's travels and anecdotes as they enjoy their eventful, sunny days.

In case you've been wondering what we were up to while away, take a peak at some of our newest creations!

Black Pugs and Free Hugs Cards, which also come in Fawn. We even have a new French Bulldog design with the same theme!

Greyhound Rescue Cards

Simple Boston Terrier Cards

We have many other new things in our etsy shop, too, and we are planning on spending today working on a whole new line of toys. We will also be listing a dozen or so pre-made hats this week, so be sure to stop in again to see our newest pooch couture!

What have all of you been up to? Do you have any special plans for the summer? Be sure to share with us! We would love to hear from each and every one of you.

x's & o's


#103 - Time to Get Smoosh Faced

Party Pug on Threadless!

Our design is currently entered in the Threadless competition. If it wins, our pug image will be printed on t-shirts and sold by Threadless to lovely people all over the world! If you could take a moment to stop by, rate our design, and leave a comment, you can help our shirty dreams come true! We know that you'd all love to own this shirt, so you can help to make that a reality by voting.

We appreciate all of the love and support that all of you send our way!

x's & o's


#102 - Ringo's Vet Visit

Today it is Ringo's turn to have his poor little mouth fixed up. When we rescued him in June, he had already had several teeth extracted upon arriving at the shelter, and they told us that he had very poor oral health so it would be likely that he would lose more teeth. Unfortunately, they were right. Since he had been starved before the rescue found him, the malnutrition and lack of care took a toll on his overall health, teeth, ears, and eyes included.

The little guy has just been dropped off. He has two broken teeth that are being removed to prevent infection and he will also be getting another cleaning. Hopefully that will help to ward off any more troubles. We have been making sure that his nutritional health is tip-top so that he can be strong all over.

Please keep our little old man in your thoughts today as he is having his little operation. JD made sure to assure Ringo that it is not so bad, since he had his teeth fixed in January. He's such a good little brother! He misses Ringo already, even though he has only been at the vet for just over an hour. I know that he will help Ringo to recover quickly by sharing a little bit of frozen yogurt and lots of warm snuggling!

x's & o's


#101 - Say Hello to Our Little Friends

We are constantly sharing photos of James Dean in our hats, such as the one above. This koala hat was inspired by one of our awesome clients, Adam, and his pug, who came up with the charming idea of creating a koala hat for dogs. Thanks, Adam!

Since we are always showing JD off, he thought that it would be a better idea to share photos of our friends today so that we can show you the love and sweet photos that we receive from all over the world. Some of you may find yourselves here, too!

Tweedles is one of our favorite friends. She writes a beautiful blog and is such an inspirational pug! The photo of her in the Pugkin Head is the first hat that we ever made for her, and the second hat is the Sock Monkey hat that she helped us to create. Hugs to you, love-pug!

How sweet is Phoebe in her custom neck warmer?

Lily catches some sun in her All You Need is Love hat.

We want to give Howie a big kiss when we see him in his Sock Monkey hat.

Buster and Jingles are picture-perfect as they snuggle together.

Bob gives his biggest smile for his photo-op!

Tubby strikes a pose out in public.

Ping, looking cute enough to nuzzle.

Mimi relaxes at home like a little monkey.

Mischa, one of the kitties who lives with our friend, Stacey, from the Fabulous Animal Rescue Project, models the hat that we made for her grandma's doggie.

Olive is the Easter Bunny's fiercest competition.

Percy is ready for a nap in this cozy hat.

Rosie prepares to pounce her Tumbler toy.

Tater is just as cute as the name implies in this University of Washington themed hat.

We have so many photos sent to us every month, so we can't possibly share them all today. If you don't see your furry friend here, never fear! We will be sharing more photos very soon. If you have not sent us photos of your pets in their accessories or with items that you've gotten from our shop, please feel free to send them along. We'd love to see them! Even if you haven't bought from our shop and just have a cute photo of your pet to share, we are always happy to see sweet animals in our inbox. You can e-mail photos, messages, and other fun to us at any time at jessica@allyouneedispug.com

x's & o's