#103 - Time to Get Smoosh Faced

Party Pug on Threadless!

Our design is currently entered in the Threadless competition. If it wins, our pug image will be printed on t-shirts and sold by Threadless to lovely people all over the world! If you could take a moment to stop by, rate our design, and leave a comment, you can help our shirty dreams come true! We know that you'd all love to own this shirt, so you can help to make that a reality by voting.

We appreciate all of the love and support that all of you send our way!

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#102 - Ringo's Vet Visit

Today it is Ringo's turn to have his poor little mouth fixed up. When we rescued him in June, he had already had several teeth extracted upon arriving at the shelter, and they told us that he had very poor oral health so it would be likely that he would lose more teeth. Unfortunately, they were right. Since he had been starved before the rescue found him, the malnutrition and lack of care took a toll on his overall health, teeth, ears, and eyes included.

The little guy has just been dropped off. He has two broken teeth that are being removed to prevent infection and he will also be getting another cleaning. Hopefully that will help to ward off any more troubles. We have been making sure that his nutritional health is tip-top so that he can be strong all over.

Please keep our little old man in your thoughts today as he is having his little operation. JD made sure to assure Ringo that it is not so bad, since he had his teeth fixed in January. He's such a good little brother! He misses Ringo already, even though he has only been at the vet for just over an hour. I know that he will help Ringo to recover quickly by sharing a little bit of frozen yogurt and lots of warm snuggling!

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#101 - Say Hello to Our Little Friends

We are constantly sharing photos of James Dean in our hats, such as the one above. This koala hat was inspired by one of our awesome clients, Adam, and his pug, who came up with the charming idea of creating a koala hat for dogs. Thanks, Adam!

Since we are always showing JD off, he thought that it would be a better idea to share photos of our friends today so that we can show you the love and sweet photos that we receive from all over the world. Some of you may find yourselves here, too!

Tweedles is one of our favorite friends. She writes a beautiful blog and is such an inspirational pug! The photo of her in the Pugkin Head is the first hat that we ever made for her, and the second hat is the Sock Monkey hat that she helped us to create. Hugs to you, love-pug!

How sweet is Phoebe in her custom neck warmer?

Lily catches some sun in her All You Need is Love hat.

We want to give Howie a big kiss when we see him in his Sock Monkey hat.

Buster and Jingles are picture-perfect as they snuggle together.

Bob gives his biggest smile for his photo-op!

Tubby strikes a pose out in public.

Ping, looking cute enough to nuzzle.

Mimi relaxes at home like a little monkey.

Mischa, one of the kitties who lives with our friend, Stacey, from the Fabulous Animal Rescue Project, models the hat that we made for her grandma's doggie.

Olive is the Easter Bunny's fiercest competition.

Percy is ready for a nap in this cozy hat.

Rosie prepares to pounce her Tumbler toy.

Tater is just as cute as the name implies in this University of Washington themed hat.

We have so many photos sent to us every month, so we can't possibly share them all today. If you don't see your furry friend here, never fear! We will be sharing more photos very soon. If you have not sent us photos of your pets in their accessories or with items that you've gotten from our shop, please feel free to send them along. We'd love to see them! Even if you haven't bought from our shop and just have a cute photo of your pet to share, we are always happy to see sweet animals in our inbox. You can e-mail photos, messages, and other fun to us at any time at jessica@allyouneedispug.com

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