#114 - BatPug - The Next Great Super Hero

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BatPug!

A few months ago, we unleashed our "Black Cat" hat, which soon developed many names. Reminding us of a creature from "Where the Wild Things Are", we soon made the connection between the children's classic and our hat. Then when we revealed our hat on Facebook, our friends couldn't believe how much it resembled Batman's famous headgear.

Yesterday our wonderful friends Melissa and Archie listed all new sweaters from their Super Hero Collection, including this snuggly Batman sweater! We can't help but to think how fantastic our creations would look together. What an amazing costume that would be for Halloween this year. JD is especially keen on this idea :]

Please visit Melissa's wonderful etsy shop for dozens of creative sweaters as well as her charming doggy artwork. For a dose of her adorable pug puppy, Archie, head over to their blog for posts on Melissa and Archie's exciting adventures!


Mia said...

That would make a fabulous Halloween costume!! What a great idea and so cute!!!


Jess & Angel Lilo

Noodles said...

What a GRRRRR8 combo! I must have it Mommy. . . are you listening to me Mommy . . .
Love Noodles

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh jess! thank you so much! we are so honored to be on your blog today! we love you! a & m <3

Wilma said...

Hmmmmm, I wonder if Sluggo the dress up hater would go for this idea?