#118 - Customer Close-up - Lil Smug Pug

What's the biggest perk about having a job as a fashioner of dog hats?
Receiving photos of my furry, little clients!
Nothing puts a bigger smile on my lips than receiving e-mails full
of pictures of pugs and other pets in our hats.

This little darling from the Lil Smug Pug blog is one adorable koala in her pug hat! We love that she is here commiserating with her panda and getting ready for a bear hug.

She seems to be saying "I am Koala, see me snuggle!"

Please stop in at Flora's blog (the pug's momma), to read all about the Lil Smug Pug and see many more photos of her in our hat.

Also, we remind you that your pooch could be the next Customer Close-up on our blog! If you have any of our items, whether it be hats, neck warmers, art work, cards, etc. simply take photos of your pets with our items and send them in. We would love to hear about and blog about your fur-babies! You can send all photos and blurbs to jessica@allyouneedispug.com and be sure to tell us all about your pets so that we can brag about them for you.

Have a lovely weekend!

x's & o's


Funaek said...

Thank you for the adorable koala hat Jess! All of my friends and family got a big kick out of the hat and my poor pug's miserable lil face.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh this little puggy is adorable in her new hat!