#123 - Off to Hogwarts

Who's that dapper pug who just hopped off of the Hogwart's Express? Oh my! I believe it's Ringo. And it looks like he's been accepted at Gryffindor house!

Fortunately, his brother James Dean is also a member of Gryffindor. At least we won't have to worry about a rivalry between them.

From what the boys tell me, they are already becoming great friends with a ch arming Mr. Harry Potter and his mischievous mates. Let's hope that they send us some lovely postcards through the Owl Post this fall!

Which Hogwarts House are you a member of? If you want to show off your house colors with a scarf, too, these knits are the newest in our line of dog accessories. You can peak at them in our magical little shop.

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