#135 - 2012 Pug Social

Hello all! We hope you have been well and are enjoying a lovely start to fall. We recently had a spectacular adventure at one of our favorite autumn events: the Pug Rescue of New England's 2012 Pug Social! Take a peak at some of the cuties that we met there.

Pretty little daisy was our last customer of the day and absolutely loved her Upside Down Daisy hat!

Have you ever seen such a sweet mouse as this?

James Dean proudly showed off his Batman costume at the social, giving his pug pals a preview of his Halloween costume.

This ladypug stayed warm in the cool autumn air thanks to her new ladybug sweater and collar.

We loved seeing this sweetie pie relax in her carriage while her mum browsed our table for pug goodies.

These handsome chaps are fabulous for fall in their Pugkin Head and Fox hats. They looked so sweet strolling about the social and spreading the word about All You Need is Pug!

The pug social is such a special event. We have attended for five years and this was our third year as vendors. We adopted James Dean from the Pug Rescue of New England in 2008, and this is their biggest fundraiser of the year. It helps them to cover vet bills and expenses that aren't taken care of by their annual adoption fees. We donate a portion of our profits to PRoNE as our way of thanking them for all of the work that they do to care for pugs in need. Please visit their website for more information on this fabulous rescue group!


#134 - Be Happy

Share a smile with your friends and family today!


#133 - The Lion King

Lion Dog Hat from All You Need is Pug

If I were King of the Forest,
Not queen, not duke, not prince.
My regal robes of the forest, would be satin,
not cotton, not chintz.
I'd command each thing, be it fish or fowl.
With a woof and a woof and a royal growl - woof.

James Dean is taking lessons from his friend, the Cowardly Lion. Fortunately, JD is much braver. His favorite activity as King of the Forest is to nap - using his cuteness to humble the loyal members of his kingdom!


#132 - Summer Portrait

James Dean and I are enjoying the summer so far. We especially like to sit on our porch to read or knit. JD loves the porch because it allows him to watch over the neighborhood and see his puppy-girlfriends whenever they walk by. He is a ladies' man, indeed, but he will always be my little man, first and foremost!

What are your summer plans?


#131 - Brunchtime

King Ringo was kind enough to order brunch for all of us on Saturday. He enlisted mum and me to cook and demanded that he be seated first and have his choice of blueberry pancakes. Once finished, he fell asleep and left us to do the dishes.

Ill-mannered though he may be, King Ringo is such a regal old chap that we believe he is entitled to his royal behavior. We are glad to report that brunch was to his satisfaction and he rewarded us with approving little snorts and sneezes.

What's your favorite brunch treat?


#130 Dog Hat Giveaway

To kick off the summer over at our new blog, Wicked Little Whimsy, we are giving away one of our signature dog hats! Since you are all such wonderful friends and many of you are pups who will appreciate such a cozy hat, we would like to invite all of you to come by our other blog to enter. It's quick and easy - all you have to do is follow the blog and leave a comment on the giveaway post. How simple! Someone has to be the winner... why not YOU?


#129 - Honey Bear

"Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering."
-Winnie the Pooh-

Like Pooh Bear, James Dean enjoys his lazy moments lounging on chairs and napping, which is what inspired me to create the new Honey Bear Hat! I don't know how JD would fare in the wild, but with a belly full of honey I am sure that he would have very sweet dreams.


#128 - Brothers

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! 
Albert Einstein


#127 - Prankster

April Fool's day is tomorrow. James Dean looks so innocent, but don't let that sweet face and handsome bow tie fool you! He is one mischievous little fellow - chasing the cats, sneaking cat snacks when no one is looking, and hiding toys so that he can watch in amusement as Ringo tears apart the house searching for his bear. What will the trickster do to fool us tomorrow? Alas... I have no clues! But I can be certain from the glint in his eye that he has a prank or two hidden somewhere behind those wrinkles.


#126. St Patrick's Day

JD wishes you all a wee bit o' luck this St. Patrick's Day!

x's & o's


#125 - Peak-A-Boo

When we adopted Ringo nearly two years ago, we couldn't be sure of exactly which breed or breeds he may be because he was an abandoned pooch without much background information available.

We were told that he is all pug, but looking at his features as well as watching some of his behaviors has told us that he is likely a mix between a pug and another breed or two.

While there are numerous tests available to find out his genetic makeup, we would rather not. You see, we just have too much fun imagining what he could be, and so finding out would take away a bit of his charming mysterious quality that he seems to embody.

But it is pretty clear from his photos in our new Peek-A-Boo Dog Hat with ear holes that he could be part Boston Terrier. His ears sometimes stand up on their own and will stay up if you just pick them up and hold them for a moment. They also readily fall and relax to look like the tiny floppy ears that pugs have. No matter what Ringo is, we know that he is the most adorable little mutt that we could ever have asked for.


#124 - Guess Who's Back

You are probably wondering where we have been. Maybe the mountains of Switzerland or the wild safaris of Africa... possibly venturing with Sherlock Holmes across Baker Street in London or hanging out with koalas in Australia.

Oh, we wish it were as exciting as all that! Though we have not been traversing the wide world, we have been busy making all sorts of new accessories for pugs, pooches, and people. Above, you will see James Dean in his petite french beret. If we cannot go to Paris, we will bring Paris to our own living room! This hat was inspired by our lovely friend Nancy and her pug Howie, who requested our first ever dog beret, and this is our newly updated version that is now available for the masses.

Every Wednesday night I attend ballet class and Thursday nights are filled with the jigging and battering of my Irish stepping feet. James Dean often wishes he could come to class with me as a special four legged guest, but since the studio is intended for humans only, I thought I'd give JD the chance to be a little dancer at home. He is now the proud owner of the first pair of Snuggly Dog Leg Warmers.

While making a granny square throw for myself, I thought of how beautiful and intricate each individual square is. Then it occurred to me that they are not only ideal for blankets, but perfect accessories for pooches. This granny square neck warmer in particular has a circus feel to it with its rich colors. Ringo, the little jester, is quite regal in it.

These are just a few of the ideas we have for our 2012 collection. There are many more to come. I wish that there were more hours in a day so that I could create all of the silly little wonders that pop into my brain.

I have two other brain-children that I have been nurturing as well, including my second shop, Literary Luxe, which specializes in handmade journals and accessories for humans, and my brand new blog, Wicked Little Whimsy. While my blogs here are geared towards my furry friends, Wicked Little Whimsy is more for the human kind. I just began the blog and its main focuses are recipes, artwork, fashion, tutorials, writing workshops, and other intriguing fancies.

What have all of you been up to? Do you have any resolutions for the new year? What does 2012 hold in store for you?

x's & o's