141. Ringo the Star

It is just the beginning of 2014, and already we have so much to be grateful for! During the summer of 2013 Ringo began to put weight on rapidly and his chest began to expand. He also became reluctant to walk and his appetite increased. Alarmed by these changes, we immediately took him to the vet. After examining him, the vet could not find any reason to be concerned, but over the next few weeks Ringo developed a cough and his other symptoms became worse. We decided that it was time for a second opinion, because our instincts told us that there was something very wrong.

We met with another vet who discovered that Ringo had a detached lens in one eye and cataracts in both eyes, causing him to gradually go blind. His overeating and reluctance to walk were responses triggered by anxiety over the blindness. The doctor also heard congestion in Ringo's chest, which raised concerns that Ringo could have anything from pneumonia to a mass developing in his chest. Ringo recently underwent x-rays and an ultrasound. We anxiously awaited the responses and just got the good news last week. Thankfully, Ringo does not have a mass in his chest, which is a wonderful relief! He is suffering from chronic pneumonia and bronchitis, which is serious, but treatable. Medication is reducing the fluid in his lungs, and we will continue a strict regimen of medication until his lungs clear. We will also be sticking to a routine and puppy-proofing the house to aid Ringo as he adapts to being blind. He will need lots of TLC, antibiotics, and vet visits for the next few weeks, but with us by his side, he can get back to a healthy place. It looks like all of your good karma and prayers worked! We can't thank you enough for the support and love you have shown for Ringo and the All You Need is Pug family!

To add to the good news, Ringo is also featured in the February 2014 issue of Cesar's Way magazine, the official magazine of Cesar Millan! You can see him in his Monster Hat on page 21 of the magazine, which is now on stands!

We hope that 2014 is treating you well, and we can't wait to share this year's adventures with you!


The Devil Dog said...

What an adorable photo of Ringo in his monster hat. We are glad Ringo doesn't have a mass in his chest and that the pneumonia can be treated. We are sending you some hugs for him. Please give them to him from us.

Roxy & Lucky

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am happy also that Ringo will be on he mend with his medication for his pneumonias...
We delt with pneumonia also here in this old farm house--
We keep our fingers and paws crossed for Ringo.
Ringo will learn where its safe to walk-- and he will be fine.
Such a beautiful photo of him,
Ringo- we wish you well- and send you magic bubbles to make you feel better.